Syberia is on a Screen № 38 (1972)

Newsreel №1700, 1 part
Production: West-Siberian newsreel studio
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:V. Akulova
Camera operators:V. Lapin, V. Svetashkov, V. Klabukov, V. Shvarckopf, A. Homyakov

Reel №1

Altay region.

Combine farm "Victory" VI Morozov demonstrates they invented a new device to combine the header that allows mowing polegshuyu after prolonged rains wheat.

Wheat harvesting combines.

Omsk region.

Best machine country, combine farm "Victory" Novo-Warsaw district of E. Ospanov mechanics.

Diploma of the Komsomol Central Committee issued Ospanova.

Wheat harvesting combines.

City of Novosibirsk.

View of the territory of the Novosibirsk Aircraft Repair Plant.

Repair the aircraft in the shop.

Helicopter test after repair.

Tomsk region.

Tent city building group of students "Homeland".

Students work on the construction of a vegetable store in the young town of Petroleum - Strezhevoy.

The city of Kemerovo.

Paintings of Georgian artists in the halls of the Kemerovo art gallery exhibition devoted to the 50th anniversary of the USSR.

The city of Omsk.

Competitions taxi drivers speed maneuvering in a confined area.

Award winners.

Tomsk region.

Members of the ensemble "Sibirinka" Tomsk House of Culture of vocational training on board.

Performance of the builders at the construction site and stage of the culture.

Key words

Aviation industry.
Youth organizations.
City transport.
Amateur Art.
River transport.

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