YP Lyubimov. (The first visit to Moscow from exile). Residues from the film "Private Invitation".. (1988)

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City of Moscow. May 10, 1988. Yuri Lyubimov Meeting in Sheremetyevo-2. Meeting Yuri Lyubimov with the troupe Taganka. Present: N. Gubenko, J. Bolotov, N. Saiko, B. Khmelnitsky, S. Farada, V. Smekhov, Z. Slavin and others (Kor 1, 7). Moscow. May 12, 1989. Rehearsal of the play "Boris Godunov". Present: Yuri Lyubimov, N. Gubenko, V. Zolotukhin, D. Pokrovsky, artists Taganka and folk group running D. Pokrovsky (Kor 2, 7, 11). Moscow. May 10, 1988. Yuri Lyubimov in the magazine "Theater". Among those present: A. SALYNSKY, G. Baklanov (synchronous) (Kor 3, 7, 8). Photos Y. Lyubimov and actors Taganka (Kor 4). Moscow. 10-20 May 1988. The building and premises Taganka. Monument to Vladimir Vysotsky in the courtyard of the theater. Vysotsky's dressing room. The audience in the foyer Hall before and after the show "Vladimir Vysotsky". On stage: N. Gubenko, V. Smekhov, V. Zolotukhin, Yuri Lyubimov (Kor 5). Moscow. May 10 1988goda. Yuri Lyubimov and N. Gubenko at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier at the Vagankovskoye cemetery, exhibition of paintings the artist Belov (there Nikulin). Seeing Yuri Lyubimov at the airport Sheremetyevo-2 (among the mourners: N. Gubenko, J. Bolotov, V. Dupak, B. Khmelnitsky, Z. Slavin) (Kor 6). Moscow. May 1988. Interviews Yu Chernichenko in the auditorium Taganka (synchronous) (Korean: 19). N. Gubenko gives an interview in his office (synchronous) (Kor 9).