Proceedings of the film "I court, and I will repay".. (1988)

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Kinoletopisnye materials on a documentary film on the All-Union Voluntary historical and educational society "Memorial". City of Moscow. November 1988. Interviews editor of Ogonyok Korotich (synchronous) (Kor 1). Collection of society "Memorial" at the Cinema House. Speakers: S. Smirnov, A. Rybakov, Andrei D. Sakharov (synchronously). Among those present: B. Okudzhava, T. Salakhov, B. Zhutovski and others (Kor 2). Participants of the Week conscience and visitors of the exhibition projects of the monument to victims of repression in the halls of the Palace of Culture and Production Association "MELZ. Wall memory - exhibition of photographs and documents of the victims of Stalinist repression (Kor 3, 5). Constituent conference of "Memorial" in the House of Culture of the Moscow Aviation Institute. Speakers: G. Baklanov, Dobroshtan, Dremin and others (Kor 4). Exhibition "In memory of victims of Stalinism" in the House of Cinema (Korean 6). Graves and Robert A. Peresvet Oslabya in the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Simonov Monastery. Restoration Church (Kor 7). Moscow. January 1989. Necropolis Kalitnikovskaya cemetery. The funeral service in the Church of All Who Sorrow and the mass graves of victims of repression (Kor 8). Interview a member of the society "Memorial" D. Yurasova (synchronously). (Kor 9).