Enisei River's Meridian № 1 (1994)

Newsreel №195, 1 part, duration: 0:10:06
Production: Krasnoyarsk studio
Director:Chaplinskiy S.


The story of the journey of Canadians across the expanses of Evenkia by bike.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Landscapes (shot from a helicopter).

The passengers of the helicopter.

The child looks out the window.

The helicopter flies over the forest, the forest man rides a bicycle, trail running dog.

Near pointer, indicating the geographical center of Russia, the man turns and goes down the slope.

The man with the dog on Lake Vivi.

Man throwing clumps of snow on the ice.

Wild grass and moss.

In the midst of moss growing spruce.

A cyclist rides through the woods, the dog runs after him.

Herders camp.

A man looks into the distance out of hand.

Cyclist stops near the tent and looks inside.

The woman cut up the meat, the children cut the bone.

Because plague leaves boy traveler ruffled his hair.

A man sits on the bike and went.

Herders cut thongs from the skins.

The face of an elderly man.

Man sews, sitting next to the child.

Man treats straps, talking with children.

Pruning shears straps.

Weaving the skin.

A traveler is an elderly woman's hand, walk around the deer.

Children disperse deer.

Adults and children catch a deer.

Man marks fawn, cutting the tips of the ears.

Face Reindeer.

Men trim young trees.

People are carrying tree trunks on their shoulders.

Voyager photographed with rifles.

Ends installation plague stakes covered with a cloth.

In the rain forest, on the edge of the pond is a man.


Reflections in the water.

The head of a deer.

Coniferous forest.

The traveler sits at the entrance to the tent, and sings a song.

Cyclist on city roads, including motor vehicles.

The man kisses the elderly woman on the cheek, people laugh.

People are riding on deer.

Plague herders.

Children near the tents.

Sailor pulls the bike on a rope.

The ship is on the river, a cyclist riding in an empty cargo bay.

Waterfront from the ship.

Locations: Evenk Autonomous Area [937] Krasnoyarsk Territory [762]

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