Capital of seven empires.. (1991)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Elanchuk V.

Script writers: Golubev A.

Operators: Zhukov A.


Film-trip to the capital of India.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

, Delhi - commonly., departure, from a movement

Poland Street, Delhi - commonly.

Looking girl - kr., NDP Child

Man sitting with a girl - commonly.

Street, Delhi - commonly.

The dome of the presidential palace - commonly.

A warrior on a horse - cr., The departure of the palace

Stands a warrior - commonly., Impact

NDP Warrior - kr.

NDP Presidential Palace - Wed, gen.

Shop - kr.

Figurine - kr.

Store - Wed, departure

Figurine - kr.

Shop - cf.

Figurines - Wed, gen.

Figurine - commonly., Impact

Figurines - commonly., Cr., Poland

NDP Tapestry - kr.

Statuette of Moonstone - kr.

Poland Trade hall shop - commonly.

Brooch - kr.

Buyers - cf.

Brooch - kr., Departure

NDP Trade Hall - cf.

NDP Showcase with decorations - commonly.

Figurine - kr., Impact

Figurines - cf.

Figurine - kr.

Receptacle - Wed, impact

Wall with decorations - commonly.

Portrait - cr.

Sofa Ivory - kr., Departure

Sew carpet - kr., Gen.

NDP Carpet - kr.

NDP lays out a carpet seller - commonly.

Fabric - cr., Poland

Street of the old city - kr., Poland, Wed.

The people on the street - Wed, Poland

Pauper - kr., Wed.

Poland Street Old Delhi - commonly.

NDP Viewer children in the windows - commonly., Cr.

Street of the old city - total.

Sit poor - commonly.

Looking man - kr.

Roll out the dough - kr.

NDP Viewer men - kr.

Cook - kr.

Outstretched hands - cf.

People waiting for food - commonly.

Distribution of food - commonly.

Poland Street Old City - Society.

The smallest man Asia - kr.

NDP are looking to men - cf.

The smallest man Asia - commonly.

Poland Street Old City - Society., Wed.

Hands on his staff - kr.

NDP Beggar - commonly., Impact

Sleeping man - kr.

Pauper - Wed, impact

Looking man - kr.

NDP Children look at the car windows - cf.

Man dye his beard - commonly., Cr.

NDP Jumma Mosque Mudgee - commonly., Impact

Eats man - kr., Wed.

NDP with outstretched hands on the poor - cf.

The beggars on the steps of the church - Society., Wed.

NDP looks man - kr., Departure

Trader - kr.

Looking girl - Wed, departure

Jumma Mosque Mudgee - commonly., Poland

NDP people entering a mosque - cf.

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Looks old - kr.

Mosque - Wed, departure

People entering a mosque - cf.

Column - kr.

Looking man - kr.

NDP Mosque - commonly.

A fragment of the mosque - commonly.

The people included in the mosque - commonly.

NDP people praying in a mosque - commonly.

Sculptures of gods - Wed, departure

NDP sculpture of God - kr., Gen.

NDP painting on the walls of the temple - cf.

NDP Kaptina on religious themes - kr.

NDP Temple Lakshmi Narayan - commonly.


Dnli - commonly.

Soaring eagle - commonly.

Street of the old city - total.

NDP Risovalschitsa - kr., Gen.

Witch Doctor - Wed, cr., Poland

Witch doctor puts a bandage on his leg - cf.

Witch Doctor - kr., Wed.

Headband - kr.

Looking man - kr.

Snake charmers - commonly., Cr., Poland

NDP with a snake charmer at - cr., Poland to the snake - cf.

NDP looks people - total.

Playbill - kr.

Flying people - total., Impact

Watching people - total.

Preparing to lift - commonly.

Watching people - total.

The rise of a flying man - commonly.

Looks old - kr., Poland

Flying man falls to the ground - commonly.

Temple - commonly.

Poland a people - total.

Watching people - total.

NDP steel columns - total.

Hands on the pillar - cf.

Watching people - total.

NDP hands on the pillar - kr.

A fragment of the temple walls - total., Hitting, Poland

Street, Delhi - commonly.

NDP Ride Machine - commonly.

Ride women - cf.

The Shack - commonly., Poland at the temple - total., Removed from the motion

NDP Shrine - commonly.

NDP stairs rising nation - commonly.

The territory of the church - Society., Departure

Temple - commonly.

Street, Delhi - commonly.

NDP with posters on the cafe - kr.

NDP cook - kr.

Eats man - kr.

Cook - kr.

NDP people in a cafe - Wed, gen.

Prepare a meal - total.

NDP people in a cafe - cf.

Street, Delhi - commonly.

Temple - commonly., Departure

Moon - Wed, impact