My dear Supreme Ruler.. (1990)

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Director: Lovkova V.

Script writers: Uvarov A.

Operators: Zaycev A.


The film tells the story of Admiral AV Kolchak.

Political figures | History

Reel №1

View of railway tracks in the area of ​​Harbin.

Felled tombstones at the Russian cemetery on the outskirts of Harbin.

A man walks among the abandoned graves with tombstones looks like snow.

Lying on the ground tombs.

Fragments of broken and snow-covered tombstones.

Church bells standing on the ground.

A sign of the Chinese Orthodox Church in Harbin.

Interior view of the church.

Father George leads the service.

Face elderly parishioner.

Church elder Myatov M. prays.

The congregation in the church during the service.

Icon of the Savior.

Burning candles.

Offerings brought parishioners in one of the rooms of the temple, the interior of the room.

The minister of the church recalls the events of 1918 (synchronously).

Witnesses are interviewed (synchronously).

Newsreel 1914-1915 years: the cavalry with sabers "bald" jump the bridge.

Attacks Russian cavalry, bursting shells.

Photo Nicholas II and Tsarevich Alexei Nikolayevich during their stay at GHQ.

Newsreel 1917-1918 years: marching detachment of Red Guards.

Photo of the royal family.

Photo Ipatiev House in Yekaterinburg.

Photo basement walls in the house Ipatiev, where the royal family was shot.

Newsreel, 1918: Red Guards marching squad.

Burning house.

Signature AV Kolchak The document signed by Kolchak investigator Sokolov addressed an investigation into the murder of the family of Nicholas II. Photo Kolchak in 1919.

The ice on the Angara.

The station building in Irkutsk.

The text of the document the arrest of Kolchak and his prime minister Pepelyaeva.

View of a building in Irkutsk prison, which contained Kolchak and Pepeliaev.

Photo Irkutsk Cheka Chairman Popov, KA The title page of the book Popova "Interrogation of Kolchak."

View of the stairs and gratings in the Irkutsk prison.

Portrait Timireva AV

Barred door in the corridor of the prison.


1914-1915 1917-1918





The First World War; The revolutionary events of 1917; Russian civil war

Reel №2

View of the wall of the building of the Central State Archive of the October Revolution.

Private business AV Kolchak MR Kapnist walking down the street with an umbrella in hand, recalls Timireva (synchronously).

Photo Kapnist and Timireva.

The shadow of the bars on the wall of a prison cell, the lattice in the prison corridor.

Forms part of the former Marine Corps in Leningrad, where he studied AV Kolchak, now - the Higher Naval School.

Panorama building schools.

A sign with the name of the school.

A plaque with the names of Russian naval commanders.

Entrance to the school.

Board with the names of scientists who have graduated from the school in different years.

Statues of the wall of the school.

Rotate the globe.

Photo Participants of the Arctic expedition, which was attended by Kolchak.

Route map Russian Arctic expeditions in the early 20th century.

Photo Kolchak on the ship.

Island on the map, named after Kolchak.

Photo Kolchak officers - members of the expedition.

Photo Kolchak in the cabin during the expedition.

The door of a prison cell.

View layout of the warship.

Part of the fallen tombstones at the Russian cemetery in Harbin.

Types of Russian military cemetery in Harbin.

MR Kapnist at the cemetery.


Kapnist person.

Photos Timireva AV various years.

Photo AV Kolchak in the admiral's uniform.

Book Kolchak "Ice Kara and Siberian Seas."

Model warship.

Photo Kolchak.

Text of the letter of Kolchak Timireva.

Portrait Timireva wall cabins, view the setting sun from the window.

Photo Russian warships.

Photo sailors of the rally in support of the continuation of the war in the summer of 1917.

Figure with the image of the destroyer.

Figures of science; The First World War; Fleet

Reel №3

The keyboard of a typewriter.

Type of door and walls of a prison cell.

Photo Cheka SG Chudnovsky, interrogations Kolchak.

A burning candle.

Photo AF Kerensky and AV Kolchak among the members of the Executive Committee of Sevastopol.

A fragment of the text "Order number 1" on the Petrograd garrison on March 1, 1917.

Photos Kolchak during the summer of 1917 in Sevastopol.

A fragment of the text "Order number 1" on the abolition of titles of when referring to superiors.

Photo military parade in Sevastopol in the spring of 1917.

Photo warship Black Sea Fleet during the First World War.

Ships of the Soviet Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol Bay.

A fragment of a letter of Kolchak Timireva.

Timireva portrait on the wall of the cabin.

Newsreel, 1917: Panorama of the rally.

Kolchak on the deck of the ship.

Portrait Timireva.

Text of the letter of Kolchak Timireva from London.

Sea waves.

View of the telegraph.

The text of encrypted telegrams Beloborodova from Ekaterinburg to Moscow.

Sea waves.

Panorama prison corridor.

Photo Kolchak in a foreign newspaper.

A fragment of the text transcript of interrogation Kolchak.

Photo Kolchak on the ship "Korea-Maru".

Map showing areas of hostilities and movements of the Czechoslovak Corps in Siberia and the Far East in the 1918-1919 year.

Photo Kolchak at the desk in the office.

Detail text of the letter of Kolchak Timireva.

Photo Kolchak and General Manager CEL Croatia.

Grate in prison corridor, lit candle.

Photo Ataman Kalmykov during the parade.

Newsreel 1919-1920 years: the bridge on the CER. Type one of the railway stations of the people standing at the car.

Portrait Timireva.

Newsreel, 1923: view of the Chinese Eastern Railway, the train station is suitable.

The book "CEL. Historical Overview 1896-1923".

Photo Station Ashikhe.


Alexander Kolchak - Naval, statesman and political figure, polar explorer


1917-1920 1923





The First World War; Fleet; Trains

Reel №4

A street in Harbin, lanterns in the windows of shops.

Chinese sellers of fruits and vegetables.

Lights advertisements.

Photo AV Kolchak in 1919.

The service in the Orthodox Church Harbin.

The train passes through the station.

Newsreel, 1919: explosion of the railway bridge.

The scenery along the railroad tracks.

People at the burnt house.

The scenery along the railroad tracks.

Photo Kolchak and Timireva officers among the British and American military missions.

Newsreel 1919: Kolchak bypass the guard of one of the crew of vessels of the Siberian Flotilla.

View of a section of the Angara.

View of the wall of the prison in Irkutsk.

Newsreel 1919: Kolchak front of the ranks of one of the Cossack units.

Kolchak talks with officers.

Kolchak and his officers bypass the guard of the Cossacks.

Photo home in Omsk, where he lived Kolchak.

Detail text Kolchak Timireva letter with the address residence in Omsk.

House in Omsk, where in 1919 the residence of Kolchak.

Prison Timireva photos.

MR Kapnist walking down the street.

Photo Timireva son.

Prison Photo Timireva son, who was shot in 1938.

The document on the rehabilitation Timireva on February 20, 1989.

Kapnist sitting, leaning against the table, on the table are photos Timireva and her son.

Invitation Timireva by Van Cliburn at his concert.

Kapnist gives interviews (synchronously).

The ice floe floats on the Angara.

White Guard leaflet with a picture of Kolchak.

A fragment of the text of the document the government Kolchak.

Photo Kolchak among the generals and officers of the Siberian army.

Newsreel 1919: Kolchak during a trip to the front, talking to the locals.

White Guard leaflet explaining the government's agrarian policy Kolchak.

Photo peasants who read the leaflets.

A fragment of the text of the flyers.

Photo peasants who read the leaflets.

Broken ice on the shore of the Angara.

Photo Kolchak.

Photo of awarding soldiers of the army of Kolchak.

Detail text of the letter of Kolchak Timireva.

Newsreel 1919: Kolchak greet the crew one of the ships of the Siberian Flotilla.

Photo Kolchak with the government.

Newsreel, 1919: Members of the British and French military missions during the parade in Omsk.

Military parade in Omsk.

Members of foreign military missions, talk to each other.

It takes a train.

Photo trial participants Kolchak.

Lit candle in a prison corridor.

Photo of the hearing.


Alexander Kolchak - Naval, statesman and political figure, polar explorer




Omsk region

Russian civil war

Reel №5

View typewriter "Underwood".

The text of the Irkutsk Military Revolutionary Committee of February 7, 1920 shooting of AV Kolchak Portrait Timireva AV

Photo Chudnovsky.

Inside view of the camera in the Irkutsk prison door closes.

Burning lamps in the prison corridor.

Photo Kolchak at the desk in the office.

View Angara River, footprints in the snow, the ice edge, trace the edge.

Gravestone in the cemetery.

Older people ride the bus.

People come out of the bus.

Newsreel, 1913: Panorama of the Moscow Kremlin from the Moskva River.

The parade of troops.

Man goes on snow-covered cemetery.

Newsreel 1913: parade.

An elderly woman walks among the graves:

Newsreel 1913: parade.

Nicholas II and Grand Duke Alexei among the officers of the imperial guards.

The parade of troops.

View of the cemetery, gravestones.

Footprints in the snow.

An elderly woman at the grave.

The woman walks away from the grave.

Icon of "Holy Trinity" on the wall of the temple.

MR Kapnist It enters the temple.

Photo Timireva son.

Kapnist light candles before the icon of the Mother of God.


Nicholas II - the Russian emperor
Romanov Alexei - the heir to the throne







Holidays; Army; Moscow