Wake up, Russia. (1991)

Documentary №20267, 3 parts, duration: 0:28:04
Director:Vermisheva E.
Screenwriters:Vermisheva E., Lanceva V.


A film about the Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR Boris Yeltsin and the situation of the country in 1991.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Cheering in the hall - commonly., Poland

The President of RSFSR Supreme Soviet BN Yeltsin welcomed the audience - kr., Poland

smiling woman - kr.

Yeltsin passes, he smiles, he was presented with flowers - kr., Wed.

Yeltsin talking with people - Wed, hitting

Autumn Landscape with a cane - Various.

Autumn field - commonly., Hitting

A tree with yellow leaves - Wed, Poland

River - commonly., Hitting

Spikes - Wed, Poland

The leaves on the water - Wed

The rain is falling - cf.

Golf - Society., Poland

The soldiers removed the potatoes - commonly., Poland

Georgia sacks of potatoes - cf.

Potatoes on the ground - commonly., Poland

Empty shelves in the store - Wed, Poland

The man in the shop carries an empty cart - Wed

The building of the USSR Supreme - commonly., Hitting

Yeltsin talks on the sidelines of the Second Extraordinary Congress of People's Deputies of Russia - Various.

The deputies are in the hall - cf.

Come and sit Yeltsin - Wed

Conference Room - commonly.

Says Yeltsin (synchronously) - kr.


Listens Gorbachev - Various.

Fit to the podium and delivers a report on the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the RSFSR IS Strength (synchronously) - Various.

People listen, listen Yeltsin - Various.

Photo: old woman in the house, the peasants knit bundles, sheaves in the field, is a farmer, peasant children, the peasant family home at the table, the peasants - Various.

The ladder climb deputies - Wed

Listen - Wed

Says breeder VI Ivanov (synchronously), shows the plant - different.

Root Plants - kr.

On the sidelines talking MPs (synchronous) - Various.

Photo: The old woman - kr., Hitting

Conference Room - Society.

Talk deputies - different.

Scoreboard - cf.

Hand down card to vote - cf.

MP presses - Various.

Views Silaev - Wed

Scoreboard - kr.

Applauding deputies - Wed, total., Poland

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The banner on the wall - Wed, departure hall at the

The journalists at the press conference - Society., Poland

Says Yeltsin (synchronously) - kr.

Listen - kr.

Hand wrote in his notebook - kr.

Yeltsin was speaking at the press conference - different.

Listen - Wed

Journalists in the hall - Society., Poland

Photo: Smiling old woman - cf.

Winter countryside - commonly., Poland

It takes a farmer KM Gusev son - cf.

Sons Guseva at work - cf.

Welding - Wed

Man throws hay - Wed

Family Gusev House - Wed, Poland

Says Gusev (synchronously) - kr.

On the corner of the house is the son of Guseva - kr.

Listens wife Guseva - kr.

Hands holding sheets of paper - Wed

Says Yeltsin (synchronously) - kr.

Yeltsin was speaking at the square in front of people - cf.

The meeting at the Square - commonly.

Listen - Wed, total.

Administration Building - commonly., Poland

Session Consultation and Coordination with the Chairman of the Supreme Council of the RSFSR - Society., Poland

sitting council members, members: A. Zakharov, G. Popov and others - different.

The conversation at the table - Wed, Poland

Listen - Wed

Sit Yavlinsky, A. Tarasov and others - different.

Says weeping woman (synchronous) - cr., Poland

says the old man (synchronous) - cr.

Tent town at the hotel "Russia" - Society., Poland

Woman nailed boards to shield the house - cf.

Windows of the hotel "Russia" - cf.

Is based on an elderly woman with a dog - Wed, Poland

sits an elderly woman - different.

Cabins - commonly., Poland


Basil's Cathedral (Pokrovsky Cathedral) - commonly.

Women hold candles in their hands, and photos of repressed during the Stalin regime - Wed, Poland

weeps man - Wed

Woman is holding a photo - cf.

Have portraits of burning candles - cf.

Are the people - Wed, Poland on individuals

flowers by the stone on Lubyanka Square in honor of the victims of the Gulag - Wed

The street are people with flags and streamers - Wed, total.

The people at the rally - Various.

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The people at the rally - Various.

Listening men - kr.

Women hold posters - Wed

Say a man, woman - Wed, cr.

Listen - Various.

The people at the rally - commonly., Poland

Yeltsin meets with women whose sons were killed in the army - kr.

Woman says (synchronous) - kr.

Portrait of young men - kr.

Listens Yeltsin - kr.

Say who mourn the soldiers' mothers (synchronously) - kr.

January 1991: Lithuania.

Tanks on the streets of Vilnius - commonly., Poland

The people on the street - different.

Are standing soldiers with machine guns - cf.

Car crashes, her doll - Wed, cr., The departure of

The chain of people - cf.

Are standing soldiers with machine guns - Wed, Poland

[_] Sits Yeltsin - kr.

The meeting between Yeltsin and U.S. congressmen in the USSR - Wed

Camcorder - kr.

Says Yeltsin (synchronously) - kr.

On the table is a notebook - kr.

Sit at the presidium table Gorbachev and Yeltsin - Various.

Speaker Yeltsin (synchronously) - kr.

Yeltsin among journalists, among people - cf.

Listen - Wed

Yeltsin talks with the people - Wed, Poland

Yeltsin talks with the workers (an evening plan); with voters - Various.

Yeltsin in the railway carriage of the train - Wed, Poland at the box

Golf in the autumn - commonly., Poland

Autumn trees reflected in water - Wed, Poland

the leaves are falling - cf.

Autumn landscape with river, field and forest - commonly.

Multrabota: reflection of the bells - cf.

It is a man - kr., Poland

It takes the old woman - cf.

Flag of Russia - Wed

The people at the Manege Square - Wed, Poland

It is a woman - kr.

Old lady smiles - kr.

Winter Landscape with a River - commonly., Shot from above

Says Yeltsin in the cabin (synchronously) - kr.

Rural landscape with a lake - commonly., Filmed from a helicopter

Autumn landscape with a field - commonly., Filmed from a helicopter

Winter Landscape - commonly.

Reel №5

Movie №0

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