Space Programme "Energy - Buran". (space 1980 - 1988)

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Soviet Space Shuttle (Shuttle) "Buran", created under the program "Energy - Buran.

Reel №1

Space shuttle "Buran" on-site landfill.

Runway - removed from the window ascending fighter.

Fighter takes off.

Pilot for remote control.


Fighter in the air.

Cockpit instruments, keyboard, hand pressing on the keys.

Airplane Atlant mounted with a "Buran" in the air - shot from a parallel plane.

The plane is landing (filmed from the cockpit).

The plane moves along the runway.

Aircraft landed "Atlant" with "Buran" moves on the runway.

Working spaceport near the aircraft.

Airplane "Atlant" mounted with a "Buran".

Workers were clearing the snow Baikonur, break the ice.

Filling the Atlanta fuel.

Airplane Atlant mounted with a "Buran" taxi for the runway, takes off.

Reel №2

Airplane Atlant mounted with a space shuttle Buran "in the air (shot concurrently airplane).

Earth from the air.

Reel №3

Landing "Atlant" mounted with a "Buran" at the launch site.

The pilot about the aircraft.

Working around Atlanta "and" Buran ".

Mounting Installation - different plans.

Atlanta "with" Buran "- different plans.

Baikonur, a fence with barbed wire.

Working on an assembly plant.

Work examines the lower part of the "Buran".

Space Shuttle "Buran", mounted on the platform, take out from Baikonur, accompanied by military, police and fire vehicles.

Travel on the road.

"Buran" around the hangar.

The platform with the "Buran" calls in a hangar.

Reel №4

"Buran" in the hangar.

Map of ferry routes "Burana" on the Moscow River.

Barge, open sluice gates.

Shrouded "Buran" on the barge.

Types of the Kremlin from the Moskva River (withdrawn from the barge).

Berth in Zhukovsky.

Shrouded "Buran" is set on a special platform.

The platform with the "Buran", accompanied by a police car passes on the airfield in Zhukovsky.

"Buran" in the shop, working professionals.

"Snowstorm" are taken from the hangar to the airfield.

"Buran" raise the mounting installation.

Installation of "Buran" flight "Atlant".

Reel №5

Airplane Atlant mounted with a "Buran" taxi for the runway - different plans.


The pilot in the cockpit accompaniment instruments.

"Atlas" with "Buran" in the air (shot in parallel with an airplane).

Map of the route of flight Zhukovsky - Kuibyshev.

Lands "Atlant" with "Buran".

Refueling fuel.

Flies "Atlant" with "Buran".

Map of the route of flight Zhukovsky - Kuibyshev - Leninsk.

Airplane "Atlant" with "Buran" in the air.

The pilot in the cockpit.

Mounting installation. "Buran" move to the platform.

The platform with the "Buran" passes on the road escorted by military vehicles.

The platform with the "Buran" calls in a hangar.

Reel №6

They talk to young men.

Street, multi-storey houses.

The ceremony on the territory of the Tushino Machine Works.

Poster "With the victory, dear comrades."

Passing aircraft, general director of NPO Molniya G.E.Lozino-Lozinski.

The territory of the plant.

Shop factory parts - different plans.

Reel №7

Airplane Atlant mounted with a "Buran" in the air (shot with parallel airplane maintenance)

Working on an assembly plant.

The airfield, fence.

Buran on the mounting unit.

The pilot in the headset around the mounting installation.

Mounting assembly with air "Atlanta" and "Buran" - different plans.

Removes cinematographer.

Reel №8


Launch on startup.


Rocket in the sky.

Falling stage rocket.

Transportation of missiles to the launch pad - different plans.

Railway Station, the train, passengers receive.

A group of people walking along the road.

Transportation of missiles - evening plans.

Launch on startup.

Start the spacecraft.

Astronauts climb the ladder of the spacecraft, waving their hands.

Liftoff of Space Shuttle - different plans.

The sky, the rocket in the sky.

Next from the rocket in the sky.

Launching pad, shipyard.

Transportation of missiles - different plans.

Baikonur at night, during launch.

Interior room: iron beds, tables, desk, chair.