Lucky Mil' (2010)

Documentary №20404, 3 parts, duration: 0:27:35
Director:Vitvitskiy O.
Anouncers:Grebenschikov K.



The film about a Soviet aircraft designer and scientist Michael L. Mile.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

From ZTM PNRM. a cameraman for the monument Mile.


Two women, a man obscured by CU.

PNRM. on the backs of people, hit a bust Mile.


Face military MS.

Man MS.

The face of another man MS.

People with flowers MS.

Bust face CU.

The woman's face CU.

Fragment of the monument with the inscription MILES CU.

The people at the opening of the monument, says military (synchronous) LS.

Detail of monument to the Order PNRM. the helicopter CU.

A woman lays flowers PNRM. people MS.

Bust Mile ZTM CU.

Face Mile (Newsreel) CU.

A group of men (Newsreel) MS.

Miles (Newsreel) CU.

However, other plan (Newsreel) in ZTM CU.

Span helicopters MS.

However, others plan MS.

Fly helicopters, a top view of MS.

Land of the helicopter CU.

Helicopter MS.

Cargo under the helicopter, shooting from a helicopter MS.

Helicopter lifts design LS.

Helicopter CU.

Helicopter, shooting from below MS.

Helicopter overflight MS.

Helicopter releases water MS.

The helicopter takes off from the water CU.

Helicopter CU.

The span of the helicopter on a background of mountains MS.

Helicopter MS.

Helicopter with wings CU.

Helicopter overflight MS.

Helicopter on the background of the land MS.

Span of two helicopters MS.

Helicopter on a background of mountains LS.

The span of the helicopter over the forest LS.

The helicopter with the pilot PNRM. on the co-pilot CU.

River view from the cockpit of a flying helicopter LS.

Helicopter MS.

Helicopter in the mountains of LS.

Helicopter MS.

From ZTM in the sky flying aircraft PNRM. the audience LS.

Viewers CU.

Span-level aircraft with colored smoke trails MS.

The girl with the flag CU.

Spectators watch the flight of aircraft MS.

Span of two planes MS.

Flying plane in the sky LS.

Spin coming men MS.

Aircraft in the air MS.

Span of two aircraft LS.

Men pass CU.

Baby CU.

The bottom of the helicopter CU.

Men pass CU.

A man pulls a small plane MS.

Photographer CU.

People on the plane (shot through the passing people) MS.

A number of helicopters on the ground PNRM. LS.

Male CU.

The span of the aircraft, the departure of a helicopter standing by MS.

The Mi-171 MS.

PNRM. by Sidewalk with photos CU.

PNRM. from the back of the men on the helicopter CU.

Mi-34s PNRM. CU.

Another helicopter CU.

PNRM. with a nozzle on the helicopter CU.

Spectators in the background helicopter MS.

The man says (synchronously) NDP

Sergei Barkov

Honored Test Pilot of Russia MS.

PNRM. the helicopter Russian Emergencies Ministry MS.

Three men standing MS.

Man says, gesturing CU.

Helicopter flight MS.

Dashboard PNRM. CU.

Approximation helicopter flight MS.

Pilot is MS.

Flight 4 aircraft, leaving the audience in ZTM LS.

FADE from rolling out of the hangar Helicopter (Newsreel) MS.

Helicopter on the field (Newsreel) LS.

Wheels (Newsreel) CU.

Tests helicopter (Newsreel) MS.

Helicopter Takeoff (Newsreel) MS.

Helicopter in the air (Newsreel) MS.

However, other plan, side view (Newsreel) in ZTM MS.

People dig (Newsreel) CU.

People poured earth (Newsreel) MS.

Truck rides (Newsreel) MS.

Head of a Man (Newsreel) CU.

A man stands in front of the peasants (Newsreel) LS.

Head of a Man (Newsreel) CU.

The man's face (Newsreel) CU.

Cameraman (Newsreel) CU.

Water (Newsreel) in ZTM CU.

Photo of ZTM Polikarpov and Grigorovich photo MS.

Layout of the aircraft (Newsreel) MS.

PNRM. by the person controlling the layout (Newsreel) CU.

Men watch the layout (Newsreel) MS.

A female pilot (Newsreel) CU.

Takeoff airplane takeoff (Newsreel) CU.

A man in the audience (Newsreel) CU.

The girl looks, writes (Newsreel) CU.

People in class writing (Newsreel) LS.

However, other plan (Newsreel) MS.

The girl's face (Newsreel) CU.

People go with the models of aircraft (Newsreel) MS.

Several people collect something (Newsreel) MS.

PNRM. on a sheet of newspaper (Newsreel) CU.

Aircraft on the field, ran pilot climbs (Newsreel) LS.

Flying aircraft, skydivers jump (Newsreel) MS.

Paratroopers from the ground, the view from the top (Newsreel) LS.

People carry the letter C-A-T-I (Newsreel) LS.

The design on the water in the room (Newsreel) CU.

People walk the ramp (Newsreel) MS.

Are men (Newsreel) MS.

Two men (Newsreel) CU.

Room, working people (Newsreel) LS.

Shop (Newsreel) MS.

Building TsAGI (Newsreel) LS.

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Photos - Archangel MS.

Photo - Keldysh MS.

Photos - Gromov MS.

Photo - Bisnovatyi MS.

Group photo of the aircraft - Tupolev MS.

Photo - Petlyakov MS.

Photo - St.

George MS.

Photo - Ilyuhin MS.

Photo - Dry MS.

Photo by the fence - Cheremukhin MS.

Photo - Bratukhin MS.

Group photo of Kamov-MS.

Propeller (Newsreel) CU.

Two men (Newsreel) MS.

Four men and installation (Newsreel) LS.

Grate PNRM. (Newsreel) CU.

Installation (Newsreel) MS.

The two men are busy with the installation (Newsreel) MS.

A man walks through the shop (Newsreel) LS.

Mile photo (zoom) in the ZTM CU.

From ZTM tower installation (Newsreel) CU.

Tower (Newsreel) MS.

Photos of men (hitting) MS.

Men in the background settings (Newsreel) MS.

Photos of men PNRM. MS.

The man with the hammer (Newsreel) MS.

A man with a propeller (Newsreel) MS.

Mile photo (zoom) CU.

People work in KB (Newsreel) LS.

Draftsman (Newsreel) CU.

The tail of an airplane (Newsreel) CU.

Aircraft over the river in ZTM (Newsreel) LS.

Legs of people walking ZTM (Newsreel) CU.

Street, people go (Newsreel) MS.

Transmit primus (Newsreel) MS.

Men and women, one claps (Newsreel) CU.

Women kissing (Newsreel) CU.

Men laugh (Newsreel) MS.

Girl jumping on the bed (Newsreel) CU.

A woman opens a window, seen from behind (Newsreel) CU.

However, a front ZTM (Newsreel) CU.

Photos of ZTM Mile with his wife (hitting) MS.

Girl (Newsreel) CU.

Wave (Newsreel) CU.

Feet on the shingle (Newsreel) CU.

Photographer photographing a group of people (Newsreel) MS.

Photographer in the ZTM (Newsreel) CU.

From ZTM man stands near the unit (Newsreel) MS.

A man sits down, shot through the window (Newsreel) MS.

A man in a lab top view (Newsreel) LS.

Takeoff airplane takeoff (Newsreel) LS.

The man at the controls (Newsreel) CU.

A man with binoculars (Newsreel) CU.

Planes fly over the houses (Newsreel) LS.

Spectators (Newsreel) CU.

Trio in the sky (Newsreel) MS.

Planes in the sky are the inscription of the USSR (Newsreel) LS.

Aircraft are on the ground (Newsreel) MS.

The man in the cockpit (Newsreel) CU.

Aircraft on the ground (Newsreel) CU.

Pilot about the aircraft (Newsreel) CU.

Landing of an aircraft with approach (Newsreel) MS.

Installation with screw (Newsreel) MS.

The same (Newsreel) CU.

A man sits in a half-turn (Newsreel) MS.

Crashed helicopter is on the ground (Newsreel) MS.

The man says (synchronously) NDP

Vadim Mikheev

Head of Department,

Doctor of History, Ph.D. CU.

Two workers (Newsreel) CU.

Worker, the rotating parts of machine (Newsreel) CU.

Mikheev (synchronous) CU.

The plant, with a street tram (Newsreel) LS.

Mile photo (zoom) CU.

Two men (Newsreel) MS.

Flying helicopter approximation (Newsreel) LS.

Crashed helicopter on the ground PNRM. (Newsreel) CU.

Laboratory (Newsreel) CU.

Rotating propeller in the laboratory (Newsreel) CU.

Laboratory, turn screw (Newsreel) MS.

Skrzhinskiy photo (zoom) MS.

Photo gyroplane (hitting) MS.

The man on the background of water (Newsreel) CU.

Two pilots of the plane (Newsreel) MS.

The hand on the button (Newsreel) CU.

Hands on the wheel (Newsreel) CU.

The hand on the handle (Newsreel) CU.

Foot on the pedal (Newsreel) CU.

Flying helicopter, top view (Newsreel) LS.

Helicopter on the background hills (Newsreel) LS.

Low flying over water shooting out of the helicopter, the people on the beach (Newsreel) CU.

Detail of a flying helicopter (Newsreel) CU.

Helicopter in the air (Newsreel) LS.

Family photo Mile (out) (Newsreel) CU.

Card, the hand with a pencil (Newsreel) CU.

The instrument panel, hand pulls the handle (Newsreel) CU.

Fragment screws (Newsreel) CU.

Helicopter in the air (Newsreel) LS.

Earth observation from a helicopter (Newsreel) LS.

People in the background of a burning gyroplane (Newsreel) MS.

The people at the demonstration (Newsreel) CU.

The man says something emotionally, waving his hand with a cap (Newsreel) MS.

Two military backs against the plant (Newsreel) LS.

Car (Newsreel) CU.

People sit in the car (Newsreel) MS.

The road in the headlights traveling vehicle (Newsreel) MS.

Photos of his wife Mile ZTM CU.

ZTM of Hand with pen writes (illumination) (Newsreel) CU.

Pen on paper (illumination) (Newsreel) CU.

However, in the ZTM (Newsreel) CU.

Vote at the meeting (Newsreel) MS.

The man's face (Newsreel) CU.

Two men, one pours out of the bottle (Newsreel) MS.

Tower of the Kremlin (Newsreel) LS.

Panorama of Moscow from the top LS.

People walk down the street (Newsreel) MS.

Two men (Newsreel) CU.

Building (Newsreel) MS.

View of the courtyard through the gate with the guards (Newsreel) MS.

Mile photo (zoom) in the ZTM CU.

ZTM head of saying something men (Newsreel) CU.

Rise of the helicopter with the pilot (Newsreel) MS.

Operator with a camera on the vehicle (Newsreel) MS.

A helicopter with a pilot (Newsreel) MS.

The lower part of the helicopter (Newsreel) CU.

Ship (Newsreel) LS.

Gyroplane - the rise and fly (Newsreel) MS.

Two pilots (Newsreel) MS.

German helicopter up in the air (Newsreel) MS.

Another helicopter rotation (Newsreel) MS.

Moscow Street, drive two cars (Newsreel) LS.

Picture a group of men, hit a Kamov MS.

Photos Mile (out) in ZTM CU.

The pilot sits in the cockpit of the helicopter (Newsreel) MS.

Pilot sits in the cockpit (Newsreel) CU.

Mileage helicopter on a background of mountains (Newsreel) LS.

A helicopter flies over the mountains in the ZTM (Newsreel) LS.

The aircraft dropped bombs (Newsreel) MS.

PNRM. on the ground, the explosions (Newsreel) LS.

Earth, fire PNRM. to heaven (Newsreel) LS.

Burning Appliances (Newsreel) LS.

Field, something burning (Newsreel) LS.

Refugees (Newsreel) LS.

However, other plan (Newsreel) MS.

Murdered woman near crying child (Newsreel) CU.

Killed on the field (Newsreel) MS.

Poster "The Motherland Calls!" (Newsreel) CU.

Soldiers go into the column, some are (Newsreel) MS.

Is a column of soldiers (Newsreel) MS.

However, other plan, rear and top (Newsreel) LS.

Soldiers ran across the field (Newsreel) LS.

PNRM. a soldier in the trenches (Newsreel) CU.

PNRM. on the field, on the horizon, smoke (Newsreel) LS.

The tank is on (Newsreel) MS.

PNRM. on the truck (Newsreel) CU.

Go soldiers (Newsreel) MS.

However, a person passing soldier (Newsreel) MS.

Headquarters, the military over the map (Newsreel) LS.

Photo gyros on the runway (hitting) MS.

Photos Mile PNRM. MS.

Pilot sits in the cockpit (Newsreel) MS.

A pilot in the cockpit preparing to fly (Newsreel) CU.

Group of pilots PNRM. (Newsreel) CU.

Field, soldiers, shooting guns (Newsreel) MS.

Soldiers (Newsreel) CU.

Soldiers have guns (Newsreel) MS.

Explosion (Newsreel) MS.

Spotlights in the sky (Newsreel) MS.

Airplane in the night sky (Newsreel) LS.

Aircraft off the ground, shooting with another aircraft (Newsreel) LS.

Overflight in the sky (Newsreel) LS.

Grand Theatre in disguise (Newsreel) LS.

Tram (Newsreel) MS.

Pushkin monument, Airship (Newsreel) MS.

Balloons in the sky (Newsreel) LS.

Ack-ack (Newsreel) CU.

Locomotives on the tracks (Newsreel) LS.

People on the platform, moving composition (Newsreel) MS.

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Covered platform at the station (Newsreel) LS.

Train passes a locomotive (Newsreel) LS.

Pipe locomotive PNRM. the locomotive (Newsreel) CU.

A man leaned out of the car window (Newsreel) CU.

Throw coal into the furnace (Newsreel) MS.

Two women, one says (synchronously) NDP

Elena and Hope Miles

daughter Mil MS.

People walk on a winter ladder PNRM. on the station building (Newsreel) LS.

Says Helen Miles (synchronous) MS.

Photos son Mile (out) in ZTM CU.

From ZTM Says Helen Miles (synchronous) MS.

A soldier with a gun (Newsreel) CU.

From ZTM Street Kazan, is a woman in the ZTM (Newsreel) LS.

Photos Mile with his wife (hitting) in flare MS.

Factory worker (Newsreel) MS.

However, other plan (Newsreel) MS.

Two workers collect the cockpit (Newsreel) MS.

Factory workshop with a banner (Newsreel) LS.

The pilots at the airport (Newsreel) MS.

Planes in the air (Newsreel) MS.

Aircraft (Newsreel) MS.

A large group of pilots is on the airfield (influx) (Newsreel) LS.

Kremlin tower on the front of the hotel "Moscow" (Newsreel) LS.

View of Moscow (Newsreel) LS.

Said second daughter Mile (synchronous) NDP Hope Miles

daughter Mil CU.

Wind Tunnel (Newsreel) CU.

The man in front of devices (Newsreel) CU.

Device (Newsreel) CU.

People in the lab (Newsreel) MS.

Screw rotates in the ZTM (Newsreel) CU.

Mile photo (zoom) MS.

German helicopter spin in the air (Newsreel) MS.

Mikheyev says (synchronously) NDP

Vadim Mikheev

Head of Department,

Doctor of History, Ph.D. CU.

Helicopter taking off (Newsreel) MS.

Viewers PNRM. (Newsreel) MS.

A man with binoculars (Newsreel) CU.

Helicopter (Newsreel) CU.

Picture a group of men about helicopter (Departure) in ZTM MS.

ZTM of St. from riding machines (Newsreel) LS.

Trolleybus on Manezh (Newsreel) CU.

Mile photo (zoom) CU.

Picture a group of people (hitting) on ​​Mile ZTM MS.

Helicopter-monument in the park MS.

However, other plan (zoom) MS.

However, others view (zoom) MS.

The same (hitting) CU.

Side by helicopter Memorial (hitting) CU.

Explanatory plaque monument (hitting) CU.

The rotation of the screw (Newsreel) MS.

The man at the base of the helicopter rotor (Newsreel) MS.

However, other plan (Newsreel) CU.

The pilot shut the door of the helicopter cabin (Newsreel) CU.

Helicopter Takeoff (Newsreel) MS.

A helicopter (Newsreel) CU.

Land, shooting from a helicopter CU.

Helicopter in the air (Newsreel) MS.

The shadow of the helicopter on the ground (Newsreel) MS.

Helicopter in the sky (Newsreel) LS.

However, other plan (Newsreel) MS.

Helicopter Takeoff (Newsreel) MS.

Helicopter in the air (Newsreel) MS.

Spectators (Newsreel) MS.

Two soldiers in profile (Newsreel) CU.

Miles (Newsreel) CU.

Military (Newsreel) CU.

People in the stands (Newsreel) LS.

Stalin and the other on the podium (Newsreel) MS.

Spectators (Newsreel) CU.

The span of the helicopter (Newsreel) MS.

People standing near the helicopter (Newsreel) MS.

Helicopter at the airport (Newsreel) LS.

The tail rotor helicopter rotation (Newsreel) MS.

A man working in a helicopter (Newsreel) MS.

Helicopter in the sky (Newsreel) LS.

However, others plan NPL LS.

Helicopter in the air does pirouettes (Newsreel) LS.

Spectators (Newsreel) MS.

Helicopter down (Newsreel) MS.

Stalin on the platform (Newsreel) MS.

Three helicopters fly (Newsreel) LS.

Two U.S. military (Newsreel) MS.

A soldier throws a grenade (Newsreel) MS.

Explosion (Newsreel) LS.

Soldiers ran (Newsreel) MS.

View of the battlefield (Newsreel) LS.

Propeller helicopter, departing helicopter (Newsreel) CU.

Paratrooper descends from a helicopter (Newsreel) MS.

Two soldiers shot (Newsreel) CU.

Stalin was leafing through a folder (Newsreel) MS.

Men at the table writing (Newsreel) CU.

The man at the blackboard in the classroom (Newsreel) LS.

Two men PNRM. on the third (Newsreel) MS.

Miles (Newsreel) CU.

Figure helicopter (influx) (Newsreel) MS.

Of influx.

People standing near the helicopter (Newsreel) LS.

The same (Newsreel) MS.

The pilot in the cockpit of the helicopter (Newsreel) CU.

Helicopter Takeoff (Newsreel) LS.

Flying a helicopter pilot in the cockpit of an influx (Newsreel) LS.

Photos of the family of ZTM Mile (departure) MS.

Face Mile (Newsreel) CU.

Says the man (Newsreel) MS.

Says Miles (Newsreel) MS.

Handshake, rewarding Mile (Newsreel) MS.

Helicopter hanging over the earth (Newsreel) LS.

Miles (Newsreel) MS.

Miles in the profile (Newsreel) CU.

A group of men (Newsreel) MS.

Miles, talking man (Newsreel) MS.

Miles shakes hands with the pilots sitting in the helicopter (Newsreel) MS.

Says S. Barkov (synchronous) CU.

Helicopter (Newsreel) MS.

A helicopter PNRM. the tail (Newsreel) CU.

Panorama of the earth (clouds) from the air (Newsreel) LS.

Nozzle (Newsreel) CU.

Dashboard CU.

Says S. Barkov (synchronous) NDP

Sergei Barkov

Honored Test Pilot of Russia CU.

Miles and a few people have Kuhlmann PNRM. (Newsreel) MS.

Drawing (Newsreel) CU.

Unit (Newsreel) MS.

Another unit (Newsreel) MS.

Miles in the profile (Newsreel) CU.

The Mi-4 CU.

The Mi-6 CU.

The Mi-8 MS.

The Mi-10 CU.

Helicopter V-12 CU.

The Mi-24 CU.

Hand, the dashboard (Newsreel) CU.

The blades (Newsreel) CU.

Helicopter (Newsreel) LS.

Another helicopter (Newsreel) CU.

The helicopter outside CU.

Chassis (Newsreel) CU.

Tail in the ZTM (Newsreel) MS.

From ZTM Airfield, back against the men helicopter (Newsreel) in ZTM LS.

Photo of ZTM Mile against helicopters (zoom) in the ZTM MS.

ZTM of Winter view from a window farmhouse CU.

Winter Sunset MS.

Snow-covered bench in the ZTM MS.

Suitable from ZTM S. Barkov, explains MS.

Pilot opens the cockpit door CU.

The pilot sits in the cockpit CU.

The pilot's head in a glass PNRM. on the co-pilot CU.

Helicopter with rotors MS.

Movie №0

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

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