Political leaders and Soviet society. (Politics and Society ) (1930-1939)

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Party leaders, men of literature and art, political repression of the Stalinist epoch.

Reel №1

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Locomotive "Joseph Stalin", people are digging, stamps his feet land

Stalin - kr.

According to the Kremlin are Stalin, Kirov and others.

Stalin on the platform.

Facilities and the Bureau of applause (in attendance Khrushchev, Kaganovich, Kalinin and others).

At the presidium table talking Stalin, Voroshilov, Molotov.

Kaganovich stands.

Hall of standing applause.

Acts Kirov.

Dancing Budyonny.

Stalin Tube - kr.

Kirov smiles and applauds.

Dancing clap Molotov, Khrushchev, Kaganovich and others.

Laughing, talking, Stalin, Ordzhonikidze.

Cheering in the hall.

Talk to Stalin, Kirov, Voroshilov, Ordzhonikidze, Kaganovich.

Kaganovich, Stalin sends a gift - a gun.

Stalin takes aim.

Stalin presented with a samovar, an accordion.

Applauding Stalin, Kaganovich and others.

Laugh Kirov, Kaganovich.

Stalin in the honor guard at the tomb of Kirov.

The funeral of Kirov.

The crowd at the rally with a placard: "We demand severe punishment of the class enemy."

Ezhov - kr.

Rides the train with barred windows teplushek (prisoners).

Pass-wing prisoners.

Christmas Tree: a meeting of the New 1937: dancing, playing jazz, drinking champagne.

Photo of Bukharin.

Rallies against the "enemies of the people: he spoke (synchronous) (" Death to traitors of the motherland, the sentence - execution ").

Bukharin - different.

Acts VYSHINSKY with accusatory speech (synchronous) ("... shoot a nasty dogs ...")

From the rostrum appears Stalin (synchronous) ("... life is better, life has become merrier ...)

Stalin Laughs - kr.

Meetings at facilities in support of Stalin, he spoke (synchronous)

Parade on Red Square on November 7.

Stalin on the tribune of the Mausoleum, stands - are different. (No steam out of his mouth)

Columns of military go to the cinema to watch the film "Stalin's report."

Stalin stands (synchronous) (... can expect that Stalin would fulfill its duty to the people ...)

Bitter - kr.

Bitter in the garden with her granddaughter.

Meeting Gorky at the Belarusian railway station.

Pass Stalin and Gorky.

The bitter comes out of the car.

Bitter at the 1 st All-Union Congress of Writers.

Bitter Berries and pass through the territory of the Kremlin.

Stalin on the construction of the White Sea-Baltic Canal.

Various building plans.

Plays an amateur orchestra, dance builders prisoners.

Pick up Shaw.

Bitter and R. Rolland.

Wells was talking with a woman.

A. Barbusse - photos.

Bitter wipes face with a handkerchief.

Bitter at the Writers' Congress (synchronously).

Congress Hall

Bitter among the peasants.

Bitter mausoleum.

Osip Mandelstam - photos.

An arrest warrant for M.

Presentation of diplomas to the winners of the Stalin Prize.

Fadeev at the microphone.

In honor guard at the tomb of Gorky are Stalin, Molotov, AN Tolstoy and others.

Congratulations Fadeeva with the anniversary.

Prison bars, the corridor of the prison.

Sun Meyerhold - photos.

Case Meyerhold - the verdict.

Photos of Stalin.

Book of poems Stalin in the Georgian language.

Reel №2

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PDP "members of the Politburo with the delegates of the Red Army": sit Stalin, Molotov, Egorov, Blucher, Tukhachevsky, Kirov, Voroshilov, Kaganovich

Reel №3

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North Caucasus: Is dancing oriental girl.

Looking man with a baby in her arms.

Stalin's portrait, adorned with flowers

Baltic States: People read newspapers.

Architect VG Shukhov smokes on the street - kr.

Shukhov tower on Shabolovskaya.

People listen to radio.

Reel №4

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Typography: printed and packaged books IV Stalin.

Employee of the printing press at work.

Photo of Stalin - kr.

Maxim Gorky, and G. Berry on the construction of the White Sea-Baltic Canal.

Bukharin, hugs, kisses Gorky.

Pass Stalin and Gorky.

Stalin and Gorky mausoleum during the parade of athletes.

Pass string athletes are the banners.

Reel №5

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The room consists of Stalin, Voroshilov, Kirov, Kalinin and others

The cameraman shoots Stalin

Stalin smiles - kr.

Stalin was lighting his pipe

Reel №6

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Stalin on the platform (background can be heard applause).

Stalin was a gesture of calming room, waiting, adjusts his whiskers, rubs his cheek, chin, waving his hand, said: "Well, okay, that's enough ..."

Reel №7

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Stalin, Voroshilov, applauded the government's bed

Stalin on the platform at the microphone: touched his mustache, shifting.

Stalin welcomes demonstrators.

Sneaked huge portraits of Stalin and the PDP in different languages.

Pass Spanish internationalists.

Stalin hugs, kisses with the Spanish patriots

Stalin shaking hands with the rostrum

Reel №8

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1939: Pass the columns with portraits of Stalin, are the young drummers.

Stalin mausoleum welcomes people

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