The work of the fire service (1993-1995)

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Scene №1 The work of the fire service

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Summer: The building of hotel "Ukraine".

From the hotel window belching smoke.

The helicopter in the air with fire, sits on a platform in front of the hotel.

Firefighters from the burning building.

Helicopter gives fire to the burning window.

Fire truck rides.

Evacuation of people from a burning hotel room with the helicopter.

From out of the building fire, they provide health care.

He says the rescued girl.

Fire burnt into the room.

The view from the windows of the hotel "Ukraine".

Winter: They're coming fire trucks.

People around the school building, the windows thrown things, is put forward with the fire truck ladder.

From the windows of the house brings down the smoke.

Firefighters enter the building.

There are people on the street.

Firefighters extinguish a fire.


Pass fire.

Are the fire trucks.

Children at the school, at school.

Interview students about the fire in a nearby school, for help in saving the children.

The interior of the cabinet.

The smoke in the building of schools, fire in the smoke.

Fire extinguishers in the snow.

Firefighters extinguish a fire.

Hostel in Malaya Bronnaya street after the fire.

Fire in building the U.S. embassy, ​​fire at the building.

Fire up the fire escape.

Putting out the fire at the embassy.

Burnt elevator.

Fire out of the building.

Smoking car on the street, passing cars.

Map of Moscow.

Rescue unit in Khovrino: Fire at the car.


Outdated fire equipment in the hangar.

Fire truck.

Fireman Outfit.

German fire engine.

The old fire engines.

Fire in a 25-storey building on the Avenue of Marshal Zhukov.

Watching people.

Fire trucks from the building.

Dress up fire.

Firefighters rescued people.

Fire-Ka (Kamov Design Bureau named after).

Firefighters get in the cradle, the helicopter lifts them to the roof of a burning house.

Summer: A teenager sets fire to paper trash.

Worth Fire Department helicopter.


Flies a helicopter with a water tank, draws water into the river.

Fire descends on a rope from a helicopter on the roof of a burning house.

Calendar: 1993-1995

Locations: Moscow [820]

Seasons: Summer [824] Winter [823]

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