Optical masers (1960-1972)

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Scene №1 Optical masers

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The helicopter takes off from the test site in Kazakhstan.

Shooting polygon from a helicopter.

Passing cars.

Military at the checkpoint site.

Calendar: 1972

Locations: Kazakhstan [114]



Scene №2 Optical quantum generators (lasers)

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1960 - 1961 years.: Physicists at work in the laboratory.

Laser system.

Application of lasers in various fields.

The employee at the plant.

Different types of lasers.

Employees of lasers in the laboratory.

Testing of materials by laser beams.

Key words


Calendar: 1960 - 1970


Laboratory of Quantum Physics

Scene №3 Optical quantum generators (lasers)

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Testing at the landfill.

Lab Research Institute for the Exploration of the impact of lasers on items of military equipment.

Employees at work in the laboratory.



Destruction by means of laser materials used in military equipment.

Laser systems.

Fellow at the console.

The landfill: silos.

Laser mounted inside the hopper.

Generator with an explosive pumped.

Sectional design of explosive generators of various diameters.

Generator at the landfill.

Employees of the generator.

Burst generator at the landfill (winter)

Laboratory for the creation of optical generators.


Scientists in the lab.

Electro - ionization laser.

Tests in the laboratory.

Of the laboratory.

Chemical lasers.

Laboratory for testing chemical lasers - view from the outside.

Laboratory inside.

Instruments in the laboratory.

NDP: Lithium fluoride, calcium fluoride, metal optics.

Officer of the installation in a chemical laboratory.

Installation of a chemical laser.

Stand construction chemical generator in winter conditions.

Builders at work.

Chemical quantum generator X - 1000 in the laboratory.

JAG "Sumatra" in the laboratory.

Tests in the laboratory and at the landfill.

Items power optics for optical generators.

Destroy optical elements as a result of the experiments.


Machines at the landfill.


Scientists at the site of the Ministry of Defence

Military at the board.

Laser facility at the landfill.

Assembling an explosive laser.

Filling the generator active substances.


Installing the "Sumatra".

Filling the cell with liquid oxygen.

Employees at work.

Bunker - shooting inside.


Command post.

Employees at the instruments and equipment.

Assembling of the generators to the battery, transport generators in the test area.

Employees at the command post.



Explosion at night.

Construction on the site.

Polygon - shooting from a helicopter.

Key words

Quantum generator

Calendar: 1970 - 1972

Locations: Kazakhstan [114]


Polygon Laser arrangement Laboratory Scientists

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