Helicopters. (1930 - 1969)

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Scene №1 Helicopters

Helicopter taking off.

Fly a helicopter spinning.






Winter [823]


Scene №2 Helicopters

Test pilot, RI Kaprelyan sits in a helicopter.

Instruments in the cockpit of the helicopter.

Flying a helicopter.

Model helicopter.


Kapraelyan R.I. -- test pilot





Transportation; Defense and internal security

Scene №3 Helicopters

The Mi-6 at the airport.

Early 20th century: The first helicopters (rotorcraft).

Attempts to take off the first helicopters.

People from helicopter.

Takeoff helicopter.

The creator of the first Russian helicopter B. St.

George (photo).

A. Cheremukhin - photo.

AM Isaacson - photo.


60s. early 20th century


Mi-6 Helicopters Rotorcraft

Transportation; Defense and internal security

Scene №4 Helicopters

1930: Test flight of the first Soviet helicopter (pilot AM Cheremukhin).

Flies a helicopter, the helicopter in the sky.

The helicopter crashed on the ground.

Taken out of the helicopter hangar.

60s.: The Mi-6 at the airport.

The technician checks the helicopter.

The control mechanism helicopter blades.

The pilot in the cockpit of the helicopter.

Helicopter taking off.

The blades of a helicopter in flight.

A test pilot in a helicopter K. Ponomarev.

A test pilot M. Baykalov - photo.

A test pilot AN Lyoshin - photo.

Test pilot D. Efremov - photo.

IP Bratukhin students MAI.

40s.: Helicopter "Omega" on the field and in the air.

Helicopter Yak-24 design, AS Yakovlev (flying car) in the sky, landing.

Coaxial Ka - 10 takes off from the water surface.

NI Kamov oversees test flight.

Kamov office.

The Ka-26 handles field.

Smiling, ML Miles.

Miles from the layout helicopter.

The Mi on the pitch in flight.

Mi-1 sits on the deck of the ship.

The ship passes through the ice.

Flies the Mi-4.

The group Mi-4 helicopters in the sky.

Of the helicopters landed troops, paratroopers running.

The Mi-6 at the exercises.

Mi-6 carries a metal structure.

Mi-2 flies over the forest.

Flying Mi-8.

Lands of the Mi-10.

Mi-10 transports cargo, flying over the city.

Flying over the forest, above the church, over the river - from a helicopter.

Key words

History helicopter


Bratuhin I.P. -- aircraft Milj M.L. -- aircraft Kamov N.I. -- aircraft


1930 40th 50th 60


Mi-6 Helicopter 1-EA Mi-10 Mi-8 Mi-2 Mi-4 Ka-26 Ka-10 Yak-24

Transportation; Defense and internal security

Scene №5 Helicopters

The Mi-1 in-flight processes vineyards.

The helicopter flies into the night.


Storm at sea.

Trawler at sea.

Dog on the ship.

Helicopter flying Yak -24 over the water (from the cab).

Helicopter in the sky above the ship.

Yak-24 runs the ship with fuel.

Southern coast of Crimea - filmed from a helicopter.

The Mi-4 in the air.

Passengers in the helicopter.

The pilot in the cockpit.

Shooting from a helicopter.

Directions to the highway, shooting from the cab bus.

Helicopter flies over the mountains.

Stalled truck.

Helicopter flying Yak-24, flies up to the car, pulls her out of the mud.

Yak-24 carries a car.

The pilot in the cockpit of the helicopter.

Flying sea gull, gull over the sea.

Key words

The use of helicopters in agriculture


50th 60


Mi-6 Mi-1 Mi-4 Yak-24 Trawler