Helicopter design OKB. NI Kamov. (1970 - 1988)

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Scene №1 Helicopter design OKB. NI Kamov

1988: The Ka-126 takes off.

70s.: The Ka-26.

Details of helicopter.

Technicians at the helicopter.

Cab helicopter.

Flying helicopter Ka-26.

Refueling aircraft.

The use of Ka-26 in agriculture.

The use of helicopters in forestry.

Helicopter transports trees.

Workers sawed trees, trees loaded into the machine.


1988 70s.




The Ka-126 The Ka-26

Transportation; Industry; Agriculture

Scene №2 Helicopter design OKB. NI Kamov

70s.: Flying helicopter Ka-26. Variations of the Ka-26.

A fire in the woods.

The use of Ka-26 in extinguishing forest fires.

Firefighters descend from a helicopter, put out the fire.

Flying over the terrain.

Health workers at the airport, sneaked a stretcher.

Fly a helicopter over the highway.

1972: NI Award Kamov.

The Government's congratulatory telegram to the 70th anniversary of the Kamov.

Building Design Bureau.


Drafters of Kuhlmann.

Computers in size.

Helicopter assembly plant.

Bench tests of the helicopter.

The Ka-26.

Ship Ka-252 in the air.

1973: Pilot, EI Laryushin after the test aircraft.

Details of the Ka-252.

Drive up government "Seagull."

Examination of the Delegation of the Ka-252.

The pilots sit in the helicopter.

The helicopter takes off.

Helicopters in the air over the sea, land.

Pilots surrounded by members of the delegation.

The Ka-252 lands on the deck of the ship.


Congratulate and shake their pilots.

Warship at sea.

Teachings: The helicopter over the sea.

Marines in the helicopter.

Helicopters in the night sky.

The ship at sea.

Landing a helicopter on the deck of the ship.

The moon over the sea.

Key words

The Government's "The Seagull"


Kamov N.I. -- aircraft Laryushin E.I. -- test pilot






Wildfire The Ka-26 Kamov Design Bureau named The Ka-252 Military exercises The Ka-25


Day [828] Night [830]

Transportation; Industry; Science; Defense and internal security

Scene №3 Helicopters Design Bureau im.Kamova

Tests of the Ka-25 on field, in the water.

At the table sit at the nature of the designers.

The Ka-32 on the field.

Pass the developers are greeted with the crew members and technicians.

The developers of the helicopter.

The pilots sit in the helicopter, the helicopter takes off.

Descent on a rope from the helicopter.

The helicopter lifts a truck.

Observers in the field.

Lands of Ka-32.

Key words

Kamov Design Bureau Test flights


70s. 80s.


Ka-25 Ka-32

Defense and internal security; Transportation

Scene №4 Helicopters Design Bureau im.Kamova

The victim in the water.

Rescuer descends from a helicopter.

rescuer and victim in the water.

The rise of the injured to the helicopter.


The rise of a rescuer in a helicopter.

The Ka-25 over the sea.

Rescuer and victim in the water.

Ascent of man into the helicopter on a rope.

The rise of a rescuer in a helicopter.

Stormy sea.

Flying helicopter Ka-25.

The sea at night.

Helicopter flies into the night.

Rescue two people.

Spoiled lifeline.

Key words

Kamov Design Bureau Training flights Rescue operation