History of the Red Army. (1918 - 1930)

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Scene №1 History of the Red Army

Photo Commander M. Tukhachevsky.

Passes across the field detachment of cavalry.

Rides detachment of the First Cavalry Army, among them musicians cavalrymen.

The explosions, the cavalry gallop into the attack.

Across the field passing riders are foot soldiers.

Race carts.

With the help of ropes loaded horse.

Red wounded on stretchers carried on the ship.

The soldiers in the boat.

The suppression of the Kronstadt mutiny:

warships in the Gulf;

Commissioner for Maritime Affairs P. Dybenko looking through binoculars, the Red Army ran a snow-covered field, galloping horsemen, the destruction of Kronstadt, awarding the Red Army.

M. Tukhachevsky acts.

Listen to the Red Army.

Corpsmen are loaded onto a cart of dead soldiers, dead.

The Red Army packs are loaded into the cart, held by soldiers.

In the crowd stands a woman with a samovar.

A detachment of Red Army in the woods, soldiers cleaned their bayonets.

Cavalry in the woods.

Soldiers in the snow, targeting them with rifles.

Down the street with banners held units of the Red Army.

Soldiers work out the elements of bayonet fighting.

The peasants learn to wear masks.

Shooting competition rifle, military watches pierced the target.

Key words

Civil war Civil defense Osoaviachim



Defense and internal security

Scene №2 History of the Red Army

Go through the columns of the Red Army.

On the sidelines of the meeting talking to military leaders: I. Yakir, S. Budyonny and M. Tukhachevsky.

Photo marshals Blyukher and AI Yegorov.

Voroshilov at the parade.

Photo by M. Tukhachevsky.


Budennij S.M. Tuhachevskij M.N. Yakir I.E. -- Soviet general Voroshilov K.E.


1920th 1930th

Defense and internal security

Scene №3 History of the Red Army

Meeting of the commanders of the Red Army.

The test is the flamethrower.

Passing tanks.

Red Army soldiers are taught the means of chemical protection - wear masks.



Defense and internal security

Scene №4 History of the Red Army

Photos of the MV Frunze.

Frunze in his grave.

Photos of Joseph Stalin - from the departure.

Photos - Nikolai Bukharin, Stalin and Voroshilov in the group of workers.

Voroshilov appears from the rostrum of the Mausoleum during the parade of Red Army units.

Stalin, Molotov and other members of the government's Mausoleum.

Listen to Red.

Held on Red Square Red detachments.

Meeting of the commanders of the Red Army.

Speakers M. Tukhachevsky and others


Frunze M.V. -- Soviet general Tuhachevskij M.N. -- Soviet military commander Voroshilov K.E. Stalin I.V. Molotov V.M.



Defense and internal security