Icebreakers (1927-1977)

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Scene №1 Icebreakers

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Snow desert, drifting snow sweeps.

Arctic landscape.

Eternal snow.

Photo: Ice-breaker "Ermak".

Icebreakers in the sea.

Icebreaker "Lenin" in ice.

Icebreaker breaks ice.

Ships at sea.

Icebreaker "Arktika" in ice.

Calendar: 60s. 70s.

Locations: Arctic


Icebreaker "Lenin" Icebreaker "Arktika"

Scene №2 Icebreaker "Lenin"

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Icebreaker "Lenin" in a way.

Captain P. Ponomarev icebreaker on the bridge.


Ponomarev P.A. -- Soviet sailor

Calendar: 1959-1961


The atomic icebreaker "Lenin"

Scene №3 Icebreaker "Krasin"

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Seeing the icebreaker "Krasin" in the port.

Waving mourners.

"Krasin" in the sea.

The island of Spitsbergen, the ice landscape.

Icebreaker "Krasin" is through the ice.

Calendar: 1927

Locations: Leningrad [848] Arctic


Icebreaker "Krasin"

Scene №4 Icebreaker "Krasin"

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Icebreaker "Krasin" is through the ice.

Arctic Ocean - filming from an airplane.

Plane at the site.

It should be a pilot.

Wing aircraft in the air.

Key words


Calendar: 1934

Locations: Arctic

Scene №5 Icebreaker "Arktika"

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Icebreaker "Arktika" at the North Pole.

Carry the flag of the USSR.

Girl with flowers.

Nuclear-powered ship passes through the ice.

Wave to people on the deck.

Red flag on North Pole

Calendar: 1977

Locations: North Pole

Scene №6 Icebreaker "Arktika"

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The designers are considering the drawings in KB "Ruby."

The workers go to work on the "Baltic Shipyard".

Shipyard cranes.

Photo: Bookmark icebreaker "Arktika".

Construction of an icebreaker: worked as a welder.

The meeting takes place the plant manager, AV Yudin.

Construction of nuclear-powered icebreaker.

The assembly of turbines and generators.

Mounting elements icebreaker.

Icebreaker on the stocks.

26/12/1972: Those present at the launching ceremony the ship.

"Arctic" comes from the stocks.

Has set up an icebreaker afloat, installation of equipment and machinery.

Installation of the nuclear installation.

The test installation on a stand and setting blocks on the icebreaker.

Theoretical and practical training of the crew icebreaker.

Cabling on the icebreaker, installation of equipment.

Loading of nuclear fuel on the icebreaker "Arktika".

The instrumentation on the icebreaker.

Icebreaker "Arktika" at the port.

Rewarding teams Bondarev orders.

GV Romanov rewards the creators of the icebreaker.

Among those present Capt. S. Kuchiev.

11.1974: Icebreaker comes from the factory area.

Icebreaker at sea.

05/07/1975: Start of first nuclear-powered icebreaker Arctic voyage.

Chart room.

Icebreaker on the road.

Premises icebreaker.

Central control.

Ice into the sea.

Members of the crew cabins.

Captain Cabinet Kuchiev.


Chess room, the crew playing chess.

The waitress in the dining room.

Members of the crew in the mess.

Music room, the crew played on power tools.

Black poodle on a ship.




Medical unit.

Radio operator receives a telegram.

Nuclear-powered ship in the ice.

The ship "Indigirka" in ice.

White Bear on board.

Franz Josef Land.

Elektrosani on ice.

Icebreaker on the road.

Break the ice.

Helicopter lands on the ship.

Increased power the ship.

Breaks the ice under the nose of nuclear-powered icebreaker.

Meeting on the results of testing the ice-breaker.

"The Arctic" in the sea.

1977: Launching of the ice-breaker "Siberia".


Yudin A.V. -- Director of the Baltic plant Kuchiev Yu.S. -- Captain nuclear submarine Romanov G.V. -- statesman

Calendar: 1971-1977

Locations: Leningrad (St. Petersburg) Arctic


CDB shipbuilding "Rubin" Icebreaker "Arktika" Icebreaker "Sibir" Baltic Shipyard

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