Enisei River's Meridian 2001 № 5 Chinese in Siberia

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Producer Krasnoyarsk studio

Director: Ryzhenkov B.


The story about Chinese business and hypermarket "Chinese commercial city" in Krasnoyarsk.

Trade | International cooperation | China (Politics)

Reel №1

Face of a young Chinese woman.

Krasnoyarsk, October bridge, busy traffic.

Chinese ties a belt on a kimono.

Monument to the founder of Krasnoyarsk Andrey Dubensky on the spit.

Sign hypermarket "Chinese commercial city".

A sign on the building of the Regional Directorate of the Federal Security Service of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

Head of counterintelligence operations Pushilin Ivan talks about China's foreign policy objectives (synchronously).

Chinese cabinets filled with paper.

Chinese hypermarket building trade.

Chinese plays the violin.

Buyers hypermarket.

Sellers eat Chinese food.

Chinese merchants in the ranks of clothing, food.

He says mentor Krasnoyarsk club of traditional kung-fu "Shaolin" Anatoly Kovgan (behind the scenes).

Kovgan shows techniques of kung fu.

Head of counterintelligence operations Pushilin Ivan talks about commercial interaction with China (synchronously).

Chinese hypermarket to unload the goods, carry bags.

Snowblower outside Krasnoyarsk.

Chinese girl trying on boots.

Buyers hypermarket, women view the goods.

Chinese businessman, the owner of the hypermarket goes up the stairs,

in his office at the table.

Chinese and Russian buyers sellers, shops with goods.

He says a Chinese translator (synchronously).

Anatoly Kovgan speaks of peace and hospitality of the Siberians (synchronously).

Chinese unload goods.

Ivan Pushilin says geopolitical interests of China and the low quality of Chinese goods (synchronously).

Winter Equestrian Club Grounds, horsemen in military uniform.

View from the top of Krasnoyarsk.

Winter, Pokrovskaya Mountain, soldiers charge signal cannon shot.

The Chinese are on a steep bank of the Yenisei playing snowballs.


Krasnoyarsk [923]