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Scene №1 Plots of the program "Business Russia"

The work of the bank.

Said the head of precious metals section D.Ignatev ARB.

Says A.Handruev - First Deputy Chairman of the CBR.

Meeting of the commission Taffy.

Pozner read out the list of finalists Taffy-96.

Sitting at the table: E.Kiselev, V.Molchanov, O.Dobrodeev, I.Belyaev, Svetlana Medvedeva, etc.

E.Kiselev says.

Collection of photographs from the museum of national art of France and the European House of Photography in Paris, Moscow.

The audience at the show.

Photos S.Skoglond, American photographer.

Says photographer Sergei Borisov.

Show H.Hollindzher - Canadian journalist - in the Arena.

Photos of Russian politicians.

Says photographer Heidi Hollinger.

30th anniversary of creative activity director Valery Jacques.

His congratulates V. Vinokur.

On stage V.Leontev, Boris Moiseev, Vika

V.Zhaka congratulates L.Yakubovich.

On a stage act and A. Pakhmutova N. Dobronravov.

Exhibition of old photographs in the museum of history of Moscow.

Antique cameras.

Visitors to the exhibition.

The exhibition of contemporary photographs.

Says photographer Gary Pinkhasov.

Excerpts from the movie "Twins" with A.Shvartseneggerom and D. De Vito, a film with E. Murphy, and other cartoon comedies.

Press Conference of President of the Federal Commission on Securities D.Vasileva, Deputy Chairman of the Central A.Kozlova on the stock market.

The press conference the head of "Lukoil" Alekperov to Interfax.

Journalists at the press conference.

Says the chairman of the board of directors "Rosprom" Mikhail Khodorkovsky (synchronously).

Installation of power lines in the vicinity of Pyatigorsk.

Says K.Kotov - Deputy Head of the Department of Finance tax reform in Russia.

President Bill Clinton talks with the head of Japan in Dubai on the North and South Korea (with logo).

Says M.Demurin - Deputy Director of the Department of MFA Information and Press.

The streets of Beijing.

Logo: the army of North Korea.

Clinton advocates.

The helicopter circling in the air, down over the airfield (summer).

Congress "Man and Medicine" in Moscow, speakers, participants.

RAMS A.Chuchalin says.

In the studio, reports T.Muchkina.

The building of the Central Bank.

Silver and gold bullion coins in the cabinet.

V.Gerasimov Says - Head of commemorative coins of the CBR.

The story of the Turkish Industry: Trade Center, an arm of textiles, a strike at the plant, the production of electronic devices, the work of the modern enterprise view of Istanbul from the Black Sea.

Winter: The story of the Leningrad Dam: unfinished dam, the dam project, said V.Lesogorov - Head of "Lenmorzaschita" St.

Petersburg City Hall.

Meeting in the Russian Metallurgical Committee.

Metallurgical enterprises in Russia.

Says P.Karpov - Deputy General Director of the Federal Office of insolvency.

A.Lipatov Says - Head of Securities Management shares of JSC "Svyazinvest".

The work of the holding company "Svyazinvest".

Says Chairman of the Board of Directors "Rosprom" Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the relationship between large and small businesses in Russia.

Construction of a new multi-storey building.

Technology in Construction.

House Series P-44.

E.Yasin says at a press conference.

Says P.Mostovoy - Director-General of Insolvency at the round table in the House of Journalists.

Vaccination against polio.

Mother says the child, the child sleeps in a stroller.

Says the other mother.

A child on a swing.

They run the children.

A woman with a stroller.

Vaccination points at the station, the subway.

Says the little boy.

The story of Oleg Lundstrem in honor of 80th anniversary: ​​photos of different years.

O.Lundstrem on stage, playing a jazz orchestra.

The audience in the hall.

Says O.Lundstrem that is jazz.

4-year anniversary of the group "Indian Summer": artists on the scene, says filmmaker M.Hutsiev.

Board meeting of the Union of Cinematographers.

Present: A. Medvedev, S.Solovev, Yu.

Gusman etc.

Fashion show of clothes from the collection of Alexey Grekov.

Models on the catwalk.

Models grimiruyut before exiting.

Men's collection.

Concert of sacred music, "the Lord's Passover" in Tchaikovsky Hall.

The audience at the concert.

Children's choir sings.

Nun says Olga (Gobzeva).

Henri Cartier Bresson exhibition at the Museum of Private Collections: opening of the exhibition, the audience in the hall, says photographer H.Hollindzher, the work of the photographer on the walls.

Says photographer A.Viktorov.

Says the artist V.Guschin.

Says T.Savitskaya - personal translator K.Bressona.

Says Savel'ev - the representative of the company "Philip Morris" General Sponsor "Photobiennale-96."

Campground in Kingzhille (UK), interview residents.

The boy climbs trees, said a resident of the camp.

Type of camp (fog).

Cooking on a fire.

The new customs terminal "Southern" in St.


Interview of the President of the State Customs Committee of Russia A.Kruglova.

The work of the customs terminal.

Ministry of Fuel and Energy.

Says Yu.

Shafranik - Fuel and Energy Minister of Russia.

College of Energy in the Ministry.

Street Nizhny Novgorod (spring).

Administration Building.

Job Express lab "Fuji."

Says CEO of the Nizhny Novgorod Foundation to support entrepreneurship and to support the bank V.Zinovev Bank.

Passers-by on the street.

Landed the aircraft at the airport in Nizhny Novgorod.

Signs of "Lufthansa".

Taxis the aircraft, "Lufthansa".

He says the airline representative Himens Marc-Werner.

The airfield.

The airport building.

The span of the Republic of Komi.

Head of the Republic of Komi Jury Spiridonov in the study.

People on the streets of Syktyvkar (winter).

Fuel and energy complex of the Komi ASSR.

Industrial companies.

Crude oil production.

M / A station, the movement of freight trains.


Spiridonov says.

Press-conference first deputy chairman of Russian State Committee on the outcome of A.Koha privatization in 1995 and tasks for 1996.

Logo "Atomvideo": kind of nuclear power plants, Academician E. Velikhov interview, the type of the destroyed Chernobyl nuclear power plant operation.

Kotlas Electromechanical Plant: Number of air cylinders, said deputy chief engineer of the plant V.Shahmatov.

Correspondent Nikolaev from Krasnoyarsk: the story of the lake - the repository of ashes.

The work of GRES-2.

Says V.Molodetsky - Director of Krasnoyarsk GRES-2.

Take-off of aircraft, aircraft in the air, the plane, "British Airways".

Archive CDB name Alekseev.

The meeting of the committee on the budget.

M.M.Zadornov says.

At the meeting there Zhukov.

Telephone on the desk in his office.

Content of the newspaper "MK" bomb threat.

V.Martynov Says - Head of the Experimental Center of Forensic Russian Interior Ministry.

Various improvised explosive device.

Industrial explosives.

People on the streets of Moscow (spring).

The duty of the police.

Says deputy head of police department for the protection of underground M.Lutsik.

Police car on the street.

The test set of "Bumblebee" from the sports complex "Olympic".

Children come out of the school building.

People in the market, a cafe, "Minutes."

Says director of "Flash Electronics," the developer of the complex "Bumblebee" A.Bukley.

Married to the viewing platform in the Luzhniki Stadium.

Interview with head of the "Amoco Eurasia Petroleum Company" in Moscow, Dan Westbrook and vice-president Simon Kukes about business in Russia and in collaboration with the company "Yukos".

Flags of the United States and Russia on the table.

Exhibition of photographs M.P.Dmitrieva in the genre of reportage.

Said Olga Sviblova - art director of "Biennale-96."

Says the owner of the collection M.Golosovsky.

Automobile Museum exhibits in Europe.

Theatre "snuffbox".

Says the actor Peter Forman.

Puppet show on stage.

French ballet troupe D.Kacheliano in Moscow.

Fragments of the speeches.

Says O.Garibova - Director General of the International Theatre Center "whole world".

Congress of the insurance companies: Assistant to the President stands on economic issues A.Livshits gathered in the hall, playing the president of All-Russian Union of Insurers V.Kruglyak.

Press conference on the bills in the Russian-American Press Information Center: S.Rebotenko says - Head of deposit and emission control CB "Russian Credit", the journalists in the hall, stands S.I.Shevchenko.


Handruev A. -- Deputy Chairman of the CBR Pozner V.V. -- TV reporter Kiselev E. -- TV reporter Hollindzher H. -- Canadian photographer Zhak V.S. -- theater and film actor Pinhasov G. -- photographer Alekperov V. -- entrepreneur Hodorkovskij M. -- entrepreneur Klinton B. -- U.S. President Chuchalin A. -- academician Yasin E. Lundstrem O.L -- jazz musician, bandleader Huciev M. -- director Medvedev A.N. Solovjev S. -- director Gusman Yu. -- director Shafranik Yu. -- Minister of Fuel and Energy of Russia Spiridonov Yu. -- Head of the Komi Republic Koh A. Velihov E. -- academician Zadornov M.M. Sviblova O. -- of culture Garibova O. Livshic A.Ya. -- economist




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