The orbits of the world. (1994)

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Producer Videocosmos

Reel №1 The orbits of the world

The film tells about the different stages of space exploration.

The orbital manned complex "Mir" space.

Photos of station "Mir" 1986-1993 period.

Russian and foreign cosmonauts aboard the station, among them - F.Fibek Austrian, German astronaut K.-D.Flade, the French Jean-Loup Chretien and M.Tonini, Kazakh T.Aubakirov, Japanese astronaut T.Akiyama - different plans.

The scientific station equipment, the astronauts are working.

Astronauts in space.

Astronauts carry out various scientific and medical research aboard the station.

Filming of the Earth on board the orbital station.

Docking of spacecraft with the station "Mir".

The launch of the pressurized compartment of the orbital complex.

Ballistic capsule "Rainbow" to send emergency supplies to the Earth.

The station "Mir" orbiting the Earth.

Various experiments related to the improvement of space technology and large-scale structures.

Astronauts debug various instruments on board the station.

Astronauts working in space - different plans.

Experts in the Mission Control Center.

Astronauts in space conduct technical work.

Astronauts aboard the station conducting maintenance and debugging devices.

Newsreel 1960-1970.:

U.S. President John F. Kennedy in his office.

The American ship at sea.

Khrushchev appears at the UN.

The U.S. ballistic missile, U.S. military airfield.

At the Gagarin Cosmonaut screen on board the spaceship "Vostok" eating from a tube.

Acts of John Kennedy.

American astronauts on the moon set the state flag of the United States.

Russian and foreign cosmonauts on board the space station "Mir".

Newsreel 1950-1960.:

Camels in the desert, rides a freight train.

Baikonur Cosmodrome, the rocket on the launch pad.

Photo S.Koroleva.

Starting the R-7 rocket.

A scientist at the layout of the space satellite.

Missile launch.

The chimes of the Spassky Tower of the Kremlin shows 12:00.

1975 he Newsreel 1960.:

Launching a ballistic missile from a submarine.

Missile launch.

Leonid Brezhnev, Kosygin, and others on the platform of the mausoleum of Vladimir Lenin during the celebration on November 7.

At a military parade in Moscow conducting ballistic missiles.

Newsreel 1987-1989.:

An airplane mounted with a space shuttle "Buran" on the airfield and in air.

Transportation of the "Buran" - different plans.

The launches of space rockets.

Models of reusable spacecraft.

The launches of space vehicles - different plans.

The space station "Mir" space.

Astronauts aboard the station conducting research - different plans.

Meeting of the International Commission on preparation of a new project on space exploration - the creation of the space station "Alpha".

Development and production in the Research and Production Space Center Khrunichev first module for the International Space Station.

Multrabota - New space space station.

The latest space technology - large solar panels and geliokontsentratory.

Assembling modules into space "Energia".

Landing a spacecraft "Soyuz TM".

The crew of astronauts landed out of the machine.

A group of doctors met astronauts.

Starts of Russian and American spacecraft.

A group of scientists in professional drawings of the future international space station.

Experts at the space center.

The orbital complex "Mir" space.

Key words

International cooperation in space exploration


Gagarin Yu.A. -- the first cosmonaut of the Earth Hruschev N.S. -- statesman and political figure Kennedi Dzh. -- U.S. President Fibek F. -- Austrian astronaut Flade K.-D. -- German astronaut Kretjen Zh.-L. -- French astronaut Tonini M. -- French astronaut Aubakirov T. -- Kazakh cosmonaut Akiyama T. -- Japanese astronaut Brezhnev L.I. -- statesman and political figure


1994 1950-1989 - Space Exploration


Russia USA Space

Science; Defense and internal security; Foreign policy; Space