Newsreel 1920-1930's. (1920-1929)

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Scene №1 Newsreel 1920-1930's.

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The Moscow office address.

Ship with passengers on the river.


The telephone operator.


Working with card index.

A man gets help at the information booth on the street.

Stalin's plan for the reconstruction of Moscow.

Drives a car.

Traffic on Tverskaya.

People on the street.

Passengers on the bus.

Panorama of "Stalin project".

Passenger in the Asian skullcap - close-up.

Uzbek girl in the bus, smiling.

"Stalin's" house.

Red Square.

Military parade.

Marshal Zhukov on horseback toured system.

Are the columns of the military.

Are the columns of war on the Red Square.

Drives a tank that says "Stalin" and the flag.

Stalin on the platform.

The demonstration with flags, banners, portraits of leaders.

Khrushchev on the podium waving, clapping.

The demonstration, people applaud.

Stalin smiles and waves his hand.

Planes in the air, watching Stalin.

Molotov and Bukharin on the podium.

Planes in the air over the Kremlin.

Marshal Stalin on the platform.

Athletes are arranged in a pyramid.

Pyramid "Worker and Collective Farm Girl".

Athletes with flags.

Athletes at the wheel.

Athletes with rifles on a pedestal.

Red Square (above): Parade, St.

Basil's Cathedral.

Loaves of bread on the conveyor.

Butchers cut up the carcass.

Meat on the conveyor.

Semi-finished products in the package.

Women work on the assembly line.

Burgers on the assembly line.

The bottles are filled with milk.

Empty bottles on the conveyor.

A woman works on an assembly line.

Smiling worker - close-up.

Paper cups on a conveyor belt, filled with ice cream.

Workers at the conveyor belt, box set.


The saleswoman behind the counter.


Live fish in the aquarium.

The counter with fruit.

The seller is weighing grapes.

Counter with the products.

The bread on the rack.

Automatic slicing sausage.

A man takes a purchase.

The officer at the counter.

The saleswoman sends a bag to the buyer.

People come out of the store.

The building of the newspaper "Pravda".

Moscow River, the bridge illumination (night).


Page of the newspaper.

Animation (illustration of Mayakovsky's poems).

Old Moscow.


Basil's Cathedral (a bell tower in scaffolding).

Red Square.

Spassky tower.

Because of the Kremlin wall of the dome can be seen Chudov monastery.

Ivan the Great Bell.


Historical Museum.

Iberian Gate.

A hand with a sign "Moscow № 9" (the bridge).

Moscow River.

GUM, the people in GUM.

Monument to Minin and Pozharsky (near GUM).

Hands with a sign "Moscow № 33".

People on the street, go across the road, paved stone blocks, through the tram rails.

Passing carts, carriages, cars (past the GUM).

People walk.


Basil's Cathedral, Savior Tower and so on. (Repeat shots).

A hand with a sign "Moscow № 4".

Panorama from the church on the stone bridge and the Kremlin.

Tower of the Kremlin (the river).

At the Kremlin embankment are the carts.

Moscow River.

Street, the people on the street.

Rides crew.

It takes a tram (in the background.)


A sign on the church: "Wines.


Janitor sweeps the street.

Passing carriages.

The funeral of Clara Zetkin.

People in Red Square.

From the rostrum of the Mausoleum stands Molotov.

Stand Kamenev, Stalin.

Molotov - close-up.

Stone - the average plan.

The Marshal Egorov (?).

The people at the foot of the mausoleum.

Tribune of mausoleums.

Kamenev, stroking his beard, it stands for Stalin.

Laying a wreath.

Stalin and Molotov have a wreath.

The wreath is lowered to the ground, next to Stalin.

In the Kremlin wall, lay the urn with the ashes.

Stalin and Molotov stand and talk.

Plate attached to the wall: "Comrade.

Clara Zetkin / cen.

Clara Zetkin 5.VII.1857 - 20.VI.1933".

Key words

history, newsreels


I.V. Stalin V.M. Molotov L.B. Kamenev N.I. Buharin

Calendar: 20th - 30th

Locations: Moscow, Russia

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