Enisei River's Meridian 2002 № 5

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Producer Krasnoyarsk studio

Director: Zayceva I.

Operators: Chaplinskij S.

Other authors: Zajceva I.


Interview with a student of the school for the blind and visually impaired children, adolescents living in a boarding school.

Reel №1


Says a student of the Krasnoyarsk boarding school for blind and visually impaired children.

Pupils of the school, the boys' room.

Cleaner cleans carpet in the room.

Children go from room to room.

Children on the market, a blind boy is holding his friend's shoulder.

Children eat pasties on the go.

The walls, courtyard view from the top, there are children in the yard.

View the classroom through the window.

Those children.

View the classroom through the window.

View to the yard from the top, the camera goes down.

Singing girl (reflected in the lid of the piano, the transition to a normal image).

The music teacher.

Hands student writes text in Braille.

The teacher reads a paragraph in a textbook based on the Braille system.


The teacher explains the text.

Children playing in the room, pillow fights.

Girls are engaged in English.

Children playing, rolling down the stairs.

Girls go into the room and sit on the bed.

Girl curl hair.

Girls dancing.

Boys carry furniture.

Girls painted.

The boy wears a terrible mask.

Boy removes manual on anatomy.

Laughing boy.

Alternation: children dancing in the classroom, the continuation of the story the girl.

The student puts the sheet in Braille table and begins to write.

One boy reads, writes under the dictation of a second.

A boy with a cane climbing stairs.


Krasnoyarsk [923]

Childhood and youth; Social life