Business Russia (1991) "Business Courier"

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Scene №1 The "Business Russia". Category "Business Courier"

Release of the economic program, "Business Courier".

In the studio, and S.Ananov N.Petrov.

Topics of issue:

"News of Soviet economic life - Exhibitions.

Presentation, pricing, labor disputes";

"American Airlines in the struggle for leadership";

"The place of Finland in the European market" - a review of British correspondents;

"The economic depression of the United States and 100 days of President Roosevelt." Traditional Press Review and other news.

Leading talk about exchange rates and forecasts of the level of inflation; comment on the transfer of materials.

Video clips of issue:

"Preventing the export of Crimean wine party abroad"

Bottles of wine in the wine cellar.

Bottling of wine at the factory assembly line.

Woman drinking red wine.

"Doctors against the collapse of the health care system"

Building Research Institute Sklifosovsky.

Patients and physicians in the House - different plans.

"Transcarpathian mine" Velikomostovskaya "

The miners in the mine, a group of miners in the mine yard.


"Reorganization of the Leningrad branch of the" Intourist "

Photos of sights of Leningrad.

"Lack of raw materials for light industry of Latvia"

Vacant factory production departments of Riga "Aurora", idle equipment.

"The 3rd International Exhibition of Consumer Goods" Consumexpo "

Preparation of the pavilions and exhibition stands for the opening of the exhibition.

"Higher prices in the Baltics."

Riga - city view from the Gulf of Riga.

The rally outside the government.

Grocery store shelves.

People holding banner "We demand the abolition of decisions to raise prices."

He says the rally participant.

A woman with a sign "Do not want to be poor and hungry ..."

"The opening of the Consulate of Israel in Moscow."

People at the consulate.

Interview with representative of the Consulate of Israel.

The story of British correspondents, "The place of Finland in the European market."

Celebrating Independence Day in Finland.

Interview with representative of the Government of Finland.

The firm "NOKIA DATA", passing heavy trucks.

Production company: portable telephones, televisions and computers.

Manufacturing plant the company - the assembly of computers.

Interview with the head of the firm.

Winter landscapes in Finland.

City of Helsinki - residential and administrative buildings, the river, the Cathedral.

Train young hockey players.

The story of the "Great Depression of the 1930s in America."

An article in the newspaper: "New Deal" of Franklin D. Roosevelt: A few lessons for 1990 "

Newsreel 1929-1934 gg.:

"Black Monday" in 1929 - the collapse on U.S. exchanges.

Unemployed people in the streets, turn to labor exchanges, closed shops, unemployed rummages in the urn with the garbage.

Roosevelt rides in the car on the street, stands for.

Labor camps in the United States.

Pictures of Roosevelt and his associates.

Acceleration demonstration.



Meeting of the U.S. government.

Pass American workers.

Review of the press.


Ruzveljt F. -- U.S. President


1991 1929-1934 - "The Great Depression" in the U.S.


Moscow Latvia Ukraine Finland USA

Industry; Finance; Health; Towns and countries; Foreign policy; Social life; Domestic policy; Crime and Accidents