. (Dear Editors ) (1996-1997)

Footage №23046, 1 footage, duration: 1:03:28

Scene №1 Plots of the "Dear editors'

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Record of the leading column of the journeys in the TV studio.

In the studio, "Dear editors" write programs A.Gurnovym, a leading broadcaster E.Kochergin.

Leading E.Kochergin in the studio.

E.Kochergin prepares to shoot, the program is "Dear editors."

The story of the journalist A.Gurnove: shaving in the bathroom, photographs and awards.

Poll people on the street.

Leading O.Afanaseva answers to the questions of viewers.

Record E.Kochergina in the studio.

The story of the house: dilapidated houses, radiators in homes, expert interviews Society for the Protection of consumer rights.

The answer to the question of the viewer of the "Russian bistro": sign "Russian bistro," people in a fast food restaurant, Mayor Yuri Luzhkov opens one of the eateries "Russian bistro." Service in the bistro.

The range of bistro.

Clothing market in Moscow.

Chinese seamstress at work in the factory.

The range of products: footwear, down coats, leather jackets,

Are the "shuttles" unload bales of things.

The range of men's shirts, knitted in a Chinese store.

Boutique in Moscow: range, dummy, price tags.

Correspondent S.Nabiruhin heading to a special investigation into 25 police station, "Bogorodskoe" police cars in the yard, on duty at the telephone interviews S.Nabiruhin building "Petrovka 38," people come through the gate.

Nabiruhin talking on the phone.

The reference point of order: a sign, the police office.

Detained in jail in the bullpen.

Conversation with 25 employees of the police station, said Yu.

Fedyanin - Deputy Head of Department "Bogorodskoe."

On the screen - Ivan Okhlobystin in the music video.

The question of censorship spectators Western films: excerpts from the movie "The Bodyguard," "From Dusk Till Dawn", etc.

O. Afanasiev in the TV studio.

Head of the Department of Social Welfare V.Lednev answers to the questions of viewers.

In the studio E.Kochergin.

The plot of power: Gorbachev and Gromyko talking in the presidium;

registered Seleznyov, I.Rybkin and others, gives an interview to Viktor Chernomyrdin, Yeltsin signed a document at a meeting with Bill Clinton, Cabinet meeting, present Chubais, Viktor Chernomyrdin, Viktor Chernomyrdin descends the ladder plane, the experts' opinion about the people in power, politics, portraits of political leaders, the British Queen Elizabeth II signs the document, serves British Prime Minister D.Meydzhor, throne .

E.Kochergin in the studio.


Kochergin E. Nabiruhin S. Afanasjeva O. -- moderator Gurnov A. -- journalist Luzhkov Yu.M. Chernomirdin V.S. Eljcin B.N. Gorbachev M.S. Gromiko A.A.

Calendar: 1996-1997

Locations: Moscow [820]

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