M. Gorbachev's visit to Italy. (1980 - 1989)

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Scene №1 M. Gorbachev's visit to Italy

Street of Italian city.

Houses, the stairs.

Flowers on the porch.



Sitting on the steps of a dog.

In the alley the children play.

The bas-relief on religious themes in the house.

The narrow passages between the old houses.

Arch, motorcycle rides.

Street, an old house.

Rural landscape.

Correspondent speaks with Orthodox priest (the upcoming visit of Mikhail Gorbachev).

Residence of the Ambassador of Russia in Italy - Villa Abamelek - different plans.

The statues in the ancient tradition.

Directions to the residence - the park, statues and buildings.

The interior of the villa.

Engravings on the walls, furniture, chandeliers.


Lenin's portrait on the wall.

Written thickness of a telephone.

Pieces of furniture.

Italian magazines with articles about the upcoming visit of Mikhail Gorbachev.


Served table.

Paintings on the walls and murals.

The territory of residence.

Police helicopter in the sky.

A car pulls up.

From the car out of MS Gorbachev and Raisa Gorbachev.

Hello from occurring.

Quirinal Palace in Rome.

Presidential Guard in dress uniform.

The interior of the palace.

Guards on horseback in front of the palace.

Build soldiers.

Panorama of the Palace.

The interior of the palace: paintings, sculptures, murals, paintings, chandeliers.

Mikhail Gorbachev and Prime Minister of Italy Giulio Andreotti posing for photographers, like the hall.

The interiors of the palace.

Waiters light candles in the ceremonial hall.

Covered tables.

MS Gorbachev at the table.

Italian President Francesco Cossiga at the table.

RM Gorbachev at the table.

Speech by Francesco Cossiga.

EA Listens Shevardnadze.

MS Gorbachev and F. Cossiga raise glasses clink.

RM Gorbachev with a glass.

The speech, MS Gorbachev.

RM Gorbachev.

Francesco Cossiga.

Presidential Palace (night).

Egyptian monument to the Quirinal Square.

Streets of Rome (day).


Flying the flag of Italy.

Military parade.

Police helicopter in the sky.

Forum of Trajan.

On the train enters the area, accompanied by motorcyclists.

The audience applauds.


Peter's Basilica, the general plan of Rome.

Earth (the plane).

Wing aircraft (through the window).


Travel through the streets.


A police car with siren activated.

Travel through the streets, along the coast.

Landscapes, mountains.

Tunnels in the mountains.

The city of Messina.

Travel through the streets.

Cathedral - different plans.


Photos on the earthquake in Messina in 1908.

Cortege to the administrative building.


Police helicopter over the city.

Land (from the plane through the window).


Guards Swiss Guards.


System passes the guards.

The guards in the courtyard of the Vatican Palace.

Guardsman - close-up.

Foot Guard - close-up.

Travel through the streets of Rome.

Riders in full uniform on horseback in the square.

Eternal Flame, The Altar of the Fatherland on Capitol Hill.

The area in front: the press, the police cars.

General plans of Rome (with the upper point).

Portrait of M. Gorbachev.

MS Gorbachev and Giulio Andreoti enter the hall.

Gorbachev presented with his portrait.

Gorbachev, thanks.

The helicopter in the sky.

Key words

architecture, monuments


M.S. Gorbachev R.M. Gorbacheva Dzhulio Andreoti -- Italian Prime Minister Franchesko Kossiga -- Italian President E.A. Shevardnadze -- Minister of Foreign Affairs of the USSR




Rome, Messina, Italy

Towns and countries; Foreign policy