Russian North (1990-1999)

Footage №23246, 1 footage, duration: 0:42:53

Scene №1 Russian North

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A tree on a hill above the river - different plans.

River landscapes, hills, rocks, rare woods - different plans.

Ship on the river.

Land with vegetation (Helicopter).

The shadow of the helicopter on the ground.

The river, the forest (by helicopter) - different plans.

The settlement on the banks of the river, smoking factory chimney.

Low-rise residential buildings.

The helicopter in the sky.

Residential neighborhoods.

A man sitting on the windowsill, reading a book.

A sign on the pedestal: "At this place will be a monument to the victims of the cult of personality 1930 - 1950, the".

Stone, entangled in barbed wire, on a pedestal.


People bathe in the river.

Panorama of the houses on the shore, the bridge across the river.

The road, the road going car.

For one-track passes a locomotive.

The tunnel is a car on the tracks.

Spinning reel with a rope.



Pass men with banners (anti-government slogans.)

Snow-covered forest.

Village in the snow - the overall plan.

Snow on spruce limbs.

Private Cabins, icicles on the roof.

The village street.

City street, brick house.

Are people who drive through the machine.

Snowy Mountains (top).

Reindeer in a snowy field.

The village, the wooden church.

People at the church.

Ride sleds drawn by horses.

Horses in the snow.

Barking dog.


Local residents in the sled (the northern peoples).

Fireplace in the woods.

Men around the campfire, there are deer.

Reindeer in the snow.

Landscapes - snow fields, snow-capped mountains.

Pebble Beach, Surf.

The village in the snow.

Pillars of power lines.


Travel by road (summer).

Vegetation, trees - different plans.

General view of the city, multi-storey houses - different plans.

Country road, passing cars.

Horses graze in a meadow.

Landscapes - a field, trees, river.

Grazing horses.

City (winter).

Smoke smokestacks.

On the way to passing cars.

Winter forest, spruce.

Children go skiing in the woods.

Pictures on the stand.

The book "documents the history of the Doukhobors.

A summary of their religion."

Subjects of folk costume on the wall.

Household items.

The church, rowan bush in the foreground.

Calendar: 90th

Locations: Russia [1]

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