Moscow 90 (1995-1996)

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Scene №1 Moscow 90

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Embankment of the Moskva River, visible house of the Russian government (White House).

The building of the Kiev railway station from the Rostov waterfront.

Pleasure boat on the river.

Novoarbatsky bridge.

The movement of underground metro bridge of Smolensk.

Government House.

The building of the Kiev railway station.

Hotel "Slavic".

Street trading-wing people at the counters.

Triumphal Arch on Kutuzov Avenue.

Traffic on Kutuzov Avenue.

Outlet Shops, traffic.

Memorial on Poklonnaya Hill.

People at the tables at the summer cafe.

Building of the Government of Moscow (the former building of the CMEA).

White House.

Hotel "Ukraine.

New Arbat Street, the building of the Moscow Government.

Traffic on the Garden Ring.

The building of the bank "Russian Credit".

Passers-by but the Novy Arbat.

The Kremlin from Sophia embankment.

Spassky tower.

View of the hotel "Russia".

The movement of river transport along the Moscow River.

Pashkov House.


The hotel "Russia".

Construction of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

The building on the waterfront Sofia, 14 - the British embassy.

Theatre Way.

The sign "Supreme Court" on the building.

The building of the Chamber of Commerce Federation.

A sign on the building of the CEC.

A sign on the building of the State Tax Inspectorate for Moscow.

A sign on the building of the Russian Constitutional Court.

Traffic on New Square.

Presidential Administration Building (former building of the Central Committee) at the Old Town Square.

Monument to the Heroes of Plevna.

The building of the Russian Union of Youth ul.


Traffic on the street Maroseyka.

A monument to Cyril and Methodius in the Slavic area.

Girl and boy on a bench in the park.

Sign: "The Committee of the Russian Federation on Metallurgy."

Ilinka Street, visible the hotel "Russia".

The sign "The Ministry of Fuel and Energy", "RAO UES of Russia".

Flag of the Republic of Belarus at the embassy.

The sign "The Federal Tax Police Service of the Russian Federation."

The building of the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation in Kharitonievsky Lane.

Gazebo in the park.

Savior Tower of the Kremlin.

The people in Red Square.

Shukhov tower on Shabolovskaya.

Traffic on the street Shabolovka sale in the lobby station billboards.

Monument V.Leninu at Kaluga area.

The building of the Central Bank of Russia.

Building the Russian State Children's Library.

Traffic on the street - from the top.

Traffic on the Garden Ring.

People in the metro, "October", trade stalls.

Billboard "Coats" on Leninsky Prospekt.

Leninsky Prospekt.

View of "The House on the Embankment" on the part of Kadashevskaya embankment.

View of the Kremlin and the Great Stone Bridge.

Construction of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior on Kropotkin.

View of the monument to Peter I by Yakimanskaya waterfront.

The building of confectionery factory "Red October".

Traffic on Prechistenskaya waterfront.

View of the Kremlin from Sophia embankment.

Buildings on the waterfront of Sofia.

View of the hotel "Russia" from Raushskaya waterfront.

High-rise Embankment Building.

Bank on ul.

Goncharnaya, 12.

Building Incombank.

The modern business center building, the building of "Converse".

Pleasure boat sails along the Moscow River, a fisherman on the quay.

Kotelnicheskaya embankment.

Ostankino Tower.

People at the pond.

Holy Trinity Church in Ostankino.

A beggar comes to the store.

Building Telecentre Academy Queen Street.

New Arbat Street.

Signs: The Bank "BFG Credit", "Farah Bank."

Metro "Arbat", the building of the Ministry of Defence on the street Znamenka.

The restaurant "Sofia" in the Arbat.

Passers-by on Novy Arbat.

Shop "British House".

The building of the bank "Russian Credit".

Smolensk Street, the building of the Foreign Ministry.

The building of the bank "Russian Credit".

Traffic on the Garden Ring.

The monument to Peter I.

The Crimean bridge.

The courtyard of an old house in downtown Moscow: an elderly woman sitting on a chair, house windows, roof, swing, a dog in the yard, balcony.

View of Red Square from St.

Nicholas Street.

Savior Tower (13:30).

High-rise building in the area of ​​the Rebellion.

Northern River Terminal on the Moscow River.

River landscape.

Tverskaya Street.

Passers-by on the street.

The building of the Central Telegraph Office at Tverskaya.

Traffic on Tverskaya.

Passers-by in front of the Central Telegraph.

The policeman on the street.

Kayak and boat on the river.

People on the beach in the city (or Strogino Krylatskoye).

She sunbathes topless.

Sunbathing on the grass.

Duck on the water.

A man emerges from the water.


Sailing canoes.

Children play on the beach.

Girl on a catamaran.

There is a girl topless.

Lying dog.

Key words

Administrative buildings
Architecture in Moscow
Things to Do in Moscow

Calendar: 1995-1996

Locations: Moscow [820]

Seasons: Summer [824] Autumn [826]

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