Some are not .... (1993)

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Producer Studio of Department of Defense

Reel №1 Some are not ...

The film is dedicated to the first military testers of nuclear weapons at Semipalatinsk.

Talk of nuclear tests, the author of the film K.D.Zhvalikovsky talking with veterans of the first military trials.

A meeting of veterans of the test in the Central House of the Soviet Army in Moscow.

House collapses, falling horse.

Construction of the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site.

Various constructions site.

Nuclear research.

Artillery, tanks, planes at the Semipalatinsk test site.

Experimental animals at the landfill.

August 19, 1949 - The first Soviet nuclear bomb test.

The consequences of the explosion.

Military examining experimental animals after the explosion, which record the radiation dose received animals.

Military inspect the landfill site and surrounding area after the explosion, in order to determine the level of radiation.

Photo I.Kurchatova.

Tests of air nuclear explosion - a military aircraft with a nuclear bomb on board in the air nuclear explosion on earth.

Mushroom cloud - different plans.

The settlement of military testers.

War in the bunker.

Polygon, the barbed wire.

The military-nuclear physicists at the instruments.

A nuclear explosion.

Photos of IE Tamm, Sakharov and I.Kurchatova.

War on the range preparing for nuclear tests.

A nuclear explosion.

Cars pass over the steppe.

The Irtysh River, the city on the banks of the River - filmed from a helicopter.

Military experts from the apparatus.

Military aircraft take off with a hydrogen bomb on board the aircraft in the air.

Drop a bomb, a nuclear explosion.

Shock wave blows roofs, exploding tank, plane, truck.

The destruction of the house, smoking earth.

Photos of the first military test nuclear weapons.

Kurchatov City - street, the building.

Sunset in the desert.

Paintings by Roerich.

The Irtysh River, sunset.

Semipalatinsk nuclear test site - filmed from a helicopter.

The film chronicles footage interspersed with recollections of participants of events: V.M.Barsukova, G.I.Benetskogo, V.Ya.

Butkova, S.L.Davydova, V.P.Zhuchkova, S.A.Zelentsova, G. Knyazev, V.I.Kucherova, S.A.Lohova, A.A.Osina, A.I.Pavlova, I.A.Ryzhikova, M.A.Sadovskogo, Yu.B. Khariton, A.I.Hovanovicha, M.L.Shmakova, D.A.Shustova.


Barsukov V.M. -- general test of nuclear weapons Beneckij G.I. -- Head of the Department of Defense, Nuclear Weapons Test Butkov V.Ya. -- test nuclear weapons Davidov S.L. -- test nuclear weapons Zhuchkov V.P. -- test nuclear weapons Zelencov S.A. -- test nuclear weapons Knyazev G.I. -- test nuclear weapons Kucherov V.I. -- test nuclear weapons Lohov S.A. -- test nuclear weapons Osin A.A. -- test nuclear weapons Pavlov A.I. -- test nuclear weapons Rizhikov I.A. -- test nuclear weapons Sadovskij M.A. -- Academy, the first scientific director of the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site Hariton Yu.B. -- nuclear scientist, Academician Hovanovich A.I. -- test nuclear weapons Shmakov M.L. -- test nuclear weapons Shustov D.A. -- test nuclear weapons


1993 1947-1955 - Development and testing of nuclear weapons in the USSR


Kazakhstan Semipalatinsk test site Kurchatov

Science; Defense and internal security; Ecology; Towns and countries