Business Russia (1996) Topic "On the way to work"

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Reel №1 The "Business Russia". Topic "On the way to work"

Morning aired October 23, 1996.

In the studio host of P.Kuleshov.

The story about the upcoming report, the Minister of Finance on the implementation of the budget A.Livshitsa-96.

The building of the State Duma of Russia.

The State Duma at the meeting - different plans.

They talk A.Livshits, M.Zadornov, A.Pochinok.

A.Livshits during a press conference.

Comments leading to the first meeting of the Emergency Committee to strengthen the fiscal and budgetary policy (ICH).

Comments on the review of major government commission on the question of the timber industry complex of the country.

Forest - shooting from a helicopter.

Logging, woodworking plant.

The meeting of representatives of government and Goskomlesproma to discuss the draft presidential decree on measures of state support and organization of forestry.

"The restructuring of the petroleum industry."

Reporting on the largest oil companies, "LUKOIL", "Yukos", "Sidanco."

President of "LUKOIL" Alekperov escorted walks into an office building, runs the office.

The sign "LUKOIL".

Alekperov and other officials at the opening of the filling station.

Oil platform in the sea (filmed from a helicopter).

Oil production in the steppe, taiga.

Refinery-area industrial buildings, are specialists.

Interview of the Vice-President of the NC "Sidanco" Yu.


Neftevyshka into the sea, working oil.

Overview of the most important events of the week.

The story of the attraction of foreign investments in Russia.

"The development of Timan-Pechora oil province"

The area of ​​oil refining complex - different plans.

Crude oil, gas rigs.

The plot of the increase of pensions in Russia.

Older women are held.

Pensioners in the bank.

People on the streets of St.


Review of special reports of the "Business Russia".


Alekperov V. Livshic A.




Moscow St. Petersburg Russia


Autumn [826] Day [828]

Industry; Finance; Foreign policy; Social life; Domestic policy