Chechen war. (1990 - 1999)

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Scene №1 Chechen war

The wounded were discharged from the military vehicles, carry on a stretcher.

Troops in the camp.

The wounded being removed from the APCs.

Carry on a stretcher.

Soldiers lay dead on a stretcher on the ground.

Bloodied face - close-ups.

Bullet hole in a helmet on the head of the deceased soldier.

Says local resident, appeals via television to the family.

By the fire sat a man and a girl.

Local Russian civilans speak.

Ruined house - facade with broken windows.

The broken typewriter on earth.

The destroyed building of the city administration.

There are the armed soldiers.

The fire, pillar of black smoke.

Armed soldiers on the streets.

The sculpture on the street.

Sniper on the position.

Soldiers at the fire.

Russian woman talking with the soldiers (looking for his missing son.)

Soldiers - different plans.

The fire and smoke through the trees.

A man lying dead on the ground.

Overturned bike on a road.

Soldiers patrol the streets.

Lies dead.

Broken car.

The soldiers are on the street.

Broken car on the road.

Military equipment, tanks.

The soldiers on the APC, winking, waving their hands.

BTR slides.

Riding military truck, the soldiers are wounded.

Soldier with a bandaged head go.

The wounded on a stretcher.

Soldiers in military equipment.

Cries an elderly woman, militaries calm her.

Soldiers Write letters, sitting on his haunches.

Message: "Hello, my dear parents.

I live well.

Now I'm on a trip in Grozny.

Happen finish, coming soon ..." - Close-up.

Hand writing a letter - close-up.

The soldiers write letters - different plans.

Soldiers of the rest - different plans.

Interview soldier (standing in the hatch APC).

BTR passes.

Next on the armor sits on his haunches, another soldier, smoking, says (about the meaninglessness of war.)

Interview with a soldier.

They say (about the war, bad uniforms, weapons, communications, and the fact that their platoon commander left them).

Soldiers stand for group photos, faces of the soldiers.

The helicopter in the sky.

Smokes soldiers.

Military equipment, smoke in the sky.

Soldiers read newspapers.

Artillery guns.

A soldier in a trench.

Panorama of the camp.

The soldiers in the trenches, smoke.

Soldiers sitting by the fire, smokes, talks about the fighting, said about the war.

Sit soldiers, talking.

The soldier, commander, drinks water from a bottle.

A soldier writes a letter.

The soldiers in the trench.

The soldier's face - close-up.

Hand writing a letter - close-up.

Panorama of the camp.


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The Chechen war




The Chechen Republic

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