Military service (1994)

Footage №23993, 1 footage, duration: 0:52:28

Scene №1 Military service

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Directed P.Todorovsky says the Russian army at home.

Held women in black shawls.

Tombstones in the cemetery.

Play music.

They say the soldiers' mothers, holding portraits of the dead sons.

The chimes of the Spassky Tower.

Military parade on Red Square on November 7.

Pass the troops.

Military vehicles drives.

Watch the guests on the podium.

Fleeing soldiers (evening), and the soldiers on the parade ground doing exercises to the accompaniment of the orchestra.

Wash the soldiers.

The soldier wears puttees.

Construction of a military unit.

There is a commissioned soldiers.

Soldiers in the dining room.

Soldiers in the dining room.

Winter: marching soldiers, begins to sing a song.

Posters on the territory of military unit.

The soldier told the correspondent of the reasons for his escape from the army.

Says soldier's mother.

Soldiers marching on the parade ground.

Soldiers climb into the tanks.

Fleeing soldiers with machine guns.

It shoots at a target soldiers.

The commander gives the command "Strip."

Said the officer.

Passing tanks.

The officer in command at the observation post.

Battle doctrine.

The officer spoke with the family home of the army.


Children from the tanks.

Interview people on the street about the army.

Tanks on the streets of Moscow in August 1991 (background voice of Boris Yeltsin).

Said the officer.

Riots in the streets of the former Soviet republics, military equipment, the shots.

Foreign armies and military equipment.

Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan shaking hands after signing the documents.

George Bush (senior) on the teachings of the U.S. Army.

The fighting in the Middle East, were wounded.

S.Yushenkov says the army.

Foreign military aircraft in the air over the mountains.

Hikers in the mountains.

Swiss Army combat doctrine.

Starting a cruise missile.

Traffic on the streets of Swiss cities.

Says a resident of the army.

People sit on a bus.

They say residents of the street.

Activities of sports training in the mountains.

Battle doctrine.

Swiss soldiers marching.

The family at the table.

Hanging uniforms.


Interview of the soldier.

Interview with an officer.

Russian tanks drive through.

S.Yushenkov says the army.

Interview with a soldier's mother in the street.

Passers-by on Pushkin Square.

Said the mother of the deceased soldier.

Are the portraits of mothers with sons.

Says S. Yushenkov the army.

Events in Moscow in August 1991: Police clash with protesters and the military and Sculpture Park, near the White House.

Truck rams City Hall.

Interview about the situation in Russia.

Children play on the tanks.

P.Todorovsky plays guitar and sings.

Said the mother of a dead soldier, holds a photo of his son.

Recruits at the point at the recruiting office, give interviews, say goodbye to loved ones.

Interview with a foreign citizen to serve in the army.

Says a correspondent at the military unit in Switzerland.

Correspondent speaks with a Russian officer.

Three soldiers held by winter alley.

Says a foreign correspondent on the street.

Crew salitsya in a mini-bus with the word "television".

Foreign Correspondent interviews with Russian soldiers.

Faces of Soldiers' Mothers (background song "I Wanna Be With You" performed by the rock band "Nautilus Pompilius").

Windows barracks, a military unit - from the top point.


Todorovskij P. -- director Gorbachev M.S. Rejgan R. Bush D. Yushenkov S.N. -- State Duma Deputy

Calendar: 1994

Locations: Russia [1] Moscow [820] Switzerland [212]

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