Moscow (1990-1999)

Footage №24133, 1 footage, duration: 0:19:19

Scene №1 Moscow

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Cars on the Garden Ring (summer).

Fragments of the video - Tverskaya, Novy Arbat street at night - taken out of the movement, illuminated buildings of the Kremlin, the White House (autumn).

Passing vehicles - evening.

Pushkin Square - children, young people in the park near the fountain, the entrance to the subway, visitors to the tables of street cafe (summer).

Shop "Video and audio equipment" for Tverskaya Street.

Pedestrians on Tverskaya Street (Autumn) - different plans.

Shops «Rifle», «-Veta Tusar», «Salamander»; Salon "Jacques Dessange", "Pizza Hut", a coffee shop on Tverskaya Street.

The lighted windows of an office building, the snow on the roofs of houses.

Kremlin - the lighted windows, the Russian flag on the building of the Grand Kremlin Palace, the Kremlin towers, bell tower of Ivan the Great Cathedrals (winter night).

A fragment of the video - hotel "Moscow", fountains, sculptures, fairy-tale characters in the Manege Square, are the people (autumn).

Transportation passes on the street.

The Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

Panorama at the Luzhniki (removed from the Sparrow Hills).

Smolensky Cathedral, Transfiguration Gate Church, bell tower, fortification Novodevichy Convent (Fall)

Panorama of Moscow from the Sparrow Hills (Autumn).

Cathedral of Christ the Savior; cross on the dome of the church - different plans.

Manege Square, shopping center, "Ryad" - different plans.

People go to the shopping complex, sitting on benches, embracing young couple (autumn).

River Tram on the Moscow River, a monument to Peter I; ship at the pier, the sign "Casino" on the boat (summer).

The ship "Georgi Dimitrov" at the pier of the North River Port in Moscow, canoe floats on the river (summer).

Russian Credit Bank building on Novy Arbat and the Garden Ring (summer)

New Arbat - buildings, are people who are passing cars, trolley, subway, billboards.

Ostankino TV tower, the building of "Converse", "Incombank" (summer).

Kremlin Embankment, a pleasure boat on the Moscow River (summer).

The building of the hotel "Russia", a man with a fishing rod on the bank of the Moskva River (summer).

Transportation passes, traffic lights, pedestrians crossing the street (summer).

Billboards on the street.

Monument to Lenin at Kaluga area, are people who drives vehicles - different plans (autumn).

Shukhov (Shabolovskaya) tower, the area of ​​the street.

Billboards - different plans.

Fast food restaurant "Russian bistro" - the entrance, visitors (adults and children) at the tables inside.

Employees bistro serving customers.

Pies in the window.

Visitors at the tables.

The restaurant "McDonald's" in Pushkin Square, entrance, decorated with balloons with the words «Happy Birthday»; are people, all in the tent with fast food (autumn).

Visitors to the restaurant "Russian bistro" - different plans.

Works staff, the interior of the restaurant, the menu.

Key words

Things to Do in Moscow

Calendar: 90th

Locations: Moscow [820]

Seasons: Summer [824] Autumn [826] Day [828] Evening [829] Night [830] Sunny [831] Cloudy [832]

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