Business Russia (1991) Topic "Business Courier"

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Reel №1 The "Business Russia" Topic "Business Courier"

The economic program of the Information Agency "Novosti".

Leading software and N.Petrov S.Ananov in the studio.

S.Ananov tells about the first release of a new magazine show "World Business", the external debt of the Soviet Union and other European countries.

Topics of the program:

"Mikhail Gorbachev in Minsk";

"Business news from government circles';

"Shadow economy";

"Donetsk miners strike committees";

"The Soviet Union and the international system of environmental security";


Gorbachev and his entourage pass through the plant in Minsk, talking with the workers - different plans.

Report of the drafting of the convertibility of the ruble - wads of money into the banking package; tellers count money, auction clerk in a store customer counts change.

Egyptian products Representation of companies in the USSR - a fashion show, displays of shoes, souvenirs, men's and women's clothing, cosmetics and perfumes.

The Minister of Light Industry at the exhibition.

The representative of the firm demonstrates the carpets.

Comments a correspondent of the "meeting of representatives of the shadow economy" in the organization of a network of underground gambling.

Spinning roulette casino croupier hands.

Players at the casino.

Gaming table, the chips on the table.

The mine in Donetsk, industrial premises.

Electric carts are lucky.

Interview with representative of the strike committee at the failed strike.

The miners are preparing to descend into the face.

The miners have expressed their opinion about the strike.

Miners collect water in the flask, get tokens for the descent into the mine, go stand in the elevator.

Says a member of the strike committee.

Lift with the miners down the mine.

Leading N.Petrov to establish in the Soviet Union's largest joint-stock company "Ecology".

Interview with Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the MAO "Ecology" V.Makdonald the principles and objectives of institutions of society.

Horses on the banks of the river - the summer.

Neftekachalki (shot through the trunks of trees - winter).

Seals in the sea.

V.Makdonald says.

Report of the Singapore Air Force company «Breakfast News».

Bureau of foreign exchange in Singapore.

Interview with Singapore's Minister of Finance Dr. R.Hu.

Trading on the local stock exchange.

Interview with a manager from the UK Dzh.

Baksa about economic development and investment in Singapore.

Report on the work of Russian Agroindustrial Exchange.

Founders summarize the three-day auction.


Interview with Deputy Chairman of the Exchange Committee A.V.Holostova.

News Overview Press.


Gorbachev M.S.


February 1991


Russia Minsk Moscow Donetsk Singapore

Industry; Finance; Media; Ecology; Foreign policy; Domestic policy; Crime and Accidents