The hearing in the case of dismissal of Alexander Rutskoi from the Armed Forces.. (1994)

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Scene №1 The hearing in the case of dismissal of Alexander Rutskoi from the Armed Forces.

The hearing of the Military Collegium

Supreme Court of the Russian Federation.

The courtroom.

In the Hall of Justice come.

The plaintiff, Alexander Rutskoi.

He challenged the legality of the order

Defense Minister Pavel Grachev.

The order of dismissal from the ranks of Rutskoi

Armed Forces of misconduct prejudicial to the honor of an officer.

Military prosecutor seeks to invite the witness.

Witness the defendant - Myakishev Igor, Colonel.

The judge points to articles pertaining to the case Rutskoi.

The 48th article of the Law on Military Duty and Military Service.

The 66th article of the military service

officers of the Armed Forces.

Decrees of the President of the Russian Federation of December 15, 1991

№ 141 and № 1078 of September 16, 1992.

Witness testifies Myakishev the security

money allowances for the plaintiff.

On the payments under the Ministry of Defence

Presidential Decree.

About Alexander Rutskoi payments for September 30, 1993.

Allowance may be Rutskoi

paid in the event of termination of his criminal case.

It is about 141-th article of the Law on Military Duty

and military service.

The military prosecutor asks questions Rutskoi:

"How and when did you know that you declared

order of dismissal?

Have you applied for the calculation?

From what position you are actually laid off?

Worked elsewhere after dismissal of the present time? "

Rutskoi says:

"I got a statement from the order, it was in April.

With the order I was not acquainted.

In April, I learned how to article

I was dismissed from the Armed Forces.

Since the detention October 4, 1993

and to this day I have never worked

arplatu and did not receive.

Order issued in violation of the law.

I have not addressed the financial authorities, and sued.

Last post - the vice-president of the Russian Federation.

Rutskoi said about the illegality of the wording in the order.

"We have to prove what I defamed the honor of the soldier?

This is incompatible notions: the hero of the Soviet Union,

general, left in the military rank, award

the highest award the state has violated the honor. " I would ask the Ministry of Defence to give me an explanation.

Offended my honor and dignity. "

Interview with Alexander Rutskoi after the hearing.

State says about cheating people.

On the premium to a pension in 6000 rubles.

For them, even you can not buy sausage.

On establishment of the power of market mechanisms

without the ability to manage them.

On the acquittal general

Valentin Varennikov.

On his attitude to the coup.

The need to release the members of the Emergency Committee.

About the Military Board, which will make sure

decision in accordance with the law.


Ruckoj A.V. -- statesman and military leader Grachev P. S. -- statesman and military leader Myakishev I. Yu. -- serviceman Varennikov V.I. -- statesman and military leader







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