Moscow 90th (1991)

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Scene №1 Moscow 90th

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1995: A lecture on the history of the audience MGIMO: Teacher says, listen, and record students.

Students in the language lab, the computers.

Phone on the desk in the office.

TV works in the room.

Students in the library, in the hallways at MGIMO.

A sign on the building of the institute, the students in the building.

Opening Day on the Crimean Val artists sell paintings on the street, artist interviews.

Traffic on the street Krimsky Val.

Tree with branches without leaves.


Spring: Artists on the Arbat.

Woman on horseback rides on the Arbat Street.

People on the Arbat.

1991: New Year Moscow: the Kremlin, the Historical Museum, the Christmas tree at the hotel "Moscow" is Santa Claus, Pushkin Square, the Christmas tree, advertising "Coca-Cola" Santa Claus out of the car, goes to the entrance.

Posters: Happy New Year! on the streets.


Children play in the park.

Interview Muscovites on the streets.

Tour bus.

Santa Claus with a bag up the stairs.

People on Tverskaya Street.

Sale of tangerines on the street.

The crowd in the street.

Santa Claus comes to apartments, congratulates Muscovites.

Santa Claus coming down the street to the car.

House Publishers Sytina on Tverskaya, signboard: Trinity Motors.

Are the cars on Tverskaya Street, "in a traffic jam."

The plaque on the house where he lived Sytin.

Summer: entryway, elevator in the old house, she leaves the apartment.

Porch of an old house in the center of Moscow, on the panorama windows.

Girl goes out of the house, walking down the street.

Passing watering machine.

Entrance to the subway "Smolensk".

Janitor cleans the street.

Machine at the station "first aid."


Cars are "03".

Barking dog.

Doctors out of the car, go to the entrance of an apartment house, go to the apartment of a sick woman who takes her to the hospital.

Older women are escorted to the car neighbor "first aid."

Spinning beacon on the car "03."

A doctor in the ambulance.

Winter: People on the street.

It takes a girl.

08.1991: People on the Garden Ring.

Movement of vehicles in the tunnel on Smolensk Square.

Lay flowers.

Are the people under umbrellas at the White House.

Fundraising: banknotes in the drawer (rubles, dollars).

A meeting at the White House in the City Day, people waving flags of Russia.

On the stairs of the White House's group "Russian" with the song "Russian go" (soloist G.Bogdanov).

E.Peha worth.

E.Peha acts with the song "Edge of birch."

The rally in the pouring rain.

Clowns are on the street.

Costumed platform passing on Tverskaya Street.

Wet street.

Beggar asks for alms.

Travel on Chekhov Street (Minor Dmitrovka).

Crowds of people on the Day of the city of Tver.

It takes a military band.

Winter: Travel on the night Moscow (Tverskaya, past the Kremlin, on the New Arbat.

Night Kremlin's plan (with B.Kamennogo bridge), the White House.

Changing of the guard at the mausoleum in Red Square (snowing).

Traffic on the evening Moscow - removed from the top point.

Panorama of the city at night - shot from the top point.

Pass the girl on a Moscow street.

Opera singer at the Cathedral Square.

Cathedral Square.

Empty lobby metro "Mayakovsky", is an opera singer.

The ceiling in the subway station.

People on the Arbat.

Sale of souvenirs.

Arc de Triomphe (spring) on ​​Kutuzov Avenue.

Candles in the church.

Building of the Institute of World Economy and International Relations of the USSR.

Red Square (summer).

The policemen at the entrance gates of the Kremlin, the departure of the Spassky Tower.

People in Red Square.

Spassky Gate of leaves black "Volga".

Vasilevsky descent, St.

Basil's Cathedral.

Sitting on the sidewalk, young people.

Tourists on Red Square.

Changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

The chimes of the Spassky Tower (01:00 pm)

KGB building on Lubyanka.

Empty pedestal with Russian flag on Lubyanka Square.

Selling pies at the building, "Children's World".

Men smoke outside.

Women with prams, bought in a shop.

Passes invalid.

Throng the "Children's World".

Sale of lottery tickets.

The crowd at the kiosk "Products for you."

Disabled begging.

Pass the police.

City Council building (City Hall) at 13 Tverskaya Street.

People come in and out of the building.

The building of the newspaper "Izvestia", the cartoons in the window.

Line at the hardware store, the shop, "Products", "fruits and vegetables."

School children on the street.

Women builders.

People on the streets of Moscow.

Calendar: 1991 1995

Locations: Moscow [820]

Seasons: Autumn [826] Day [828] Evening [829] Night [830] Spring [825] Summer [824] Winter [823]

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