Spirit Lake Baikal (1990-1999)

Documentary №25212, 1 part, duration: 0:44:43
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized

Reel №1 Spirit Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal.

Sits on the shore of Paul Winter.

Lake at sunset.

P.Uinter talking to a priest.

Boat on the lake.

Landscapes of Lake Baikal.

Paul Winter plays the saxophone on the beach.

P.Vinter with local residents at the fire.

Writer V. Rasputin campfire.

Paul Winter playing the saxophone.

Sunrise on the lake.

Tree at sunset.

Plant on the background of water.

Paul Winter on the edge of the shore at sunset.

The moon in the sky, moonlit path on the water.


Stern of the boat.

Paul Winter on the boat.

Seagull over water.

P.Vinter passes, V. Rasputin on the road.

Padlock on the door of a shop in the village.

Country houses, the dog in the yard, haystacks.

P.Uinter swinging on a swing in the backyard.

Visitors to wash their hands in the water dispenser on the street having dinner at a table in a village house.

Winter is sitting on the grass, the sound being recorded.

Flying bird on the background of the forest.

Jerboa a tree.

A bird in the sky, the water.

Shore of Lake Baikal.

The ensemble sings a folk song on the lake.

P.Uinter knead the dough in the house, bake bread in the Russian stove.

P.Uinter cut a loaf of bread.

"Siberian" vodka on the table, a feast in the house.

House with lighted windows.

Lake Baikal is the night

Reflections of water.

Butterfly on a flower.

A bee on a flower.

Surf, shore of Lake Baikal.

P.Uinter plays music on the beach.

Riparian vegetation.

Seals (Baikal seal) in the water, near the water.

P.Uinter against Baikal.

Smoke from industrial pipe mill on Lake Baikal.

Talk P.Uinter and V. Rasputin.

Praying in the Orthodox church.

P.Uinter lighting a candle.

Sings the chorus.

P.Uinter plays in church.


Shore of Lake Baikal.


Fishing boats on the lake.

Sunset on the lake.

P.Uinter sit on the bank and V. Rasputin.

Seals (Baikal seal) by the water on the rocks.

Herd of horses on the beach.

A bird in the grass.

A bee on a flower.

Drops of dew on a flower.

P.Uinter in the boat.

A bird in the sky.

P.Uinter plays over him waving an American flag.

Paul Winter with clergy.

P.Uinter goodbye to the locals.

Snail on hand.

Key words

Environmental jazz
Foreign tourists in Russia


Rasputin V.G. -- writer Uinter Pol -- American saxophonist

Calendar: 90s.

Locations: Lake Baikal (Siberia)

Seasons: Summer [824] Morning [827] Day [828] Evening [829]

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