The flora and fauna of the world. (1994)

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Scene №1 Flora and fauna of the world

Greenpeace helicopter takes off from the deck of the ship.

Helicopter in the sky.

Sea, islands in the sea, boats near the shore (top, from a helicopter) - different plans.

Rocky shore.

Island in the sea.

Greenpeace sailboat on the water.

Panorama of the coast.

Wood Lake (top).

The river through the trees.

Old tree with a thick trunk, view on the trunk.

Swans with chicks on the water.

Duck with ducklings in the water.

Ducklings swim for parents.

Marsh plants.

Dragonfly on a flower - close-up.

Insects - close-up.


Helicopter in the sky.

The river, the vegetation on the ground (from a helicopter) - different plans.

Toucan in a tree - close-up.

Chameleon on the branches - close-up.

Lotus flowers in water bird.

Hippos in the water.

A herd of elephants with elephant calves in the meadow.

Flamingos in the water.

Sunset over the lake.

Different birds - different plans.

Tropical flowers - different plans.


Sunset landscape with river.

Skiff on the river.

Swimmers in the sea.

Walrus - close-up.

Helicopter in the sky.

Bird over the sea.

Birds sitting on a stone.

Pelican on the rock - big plans.

Giant tortoise in the bush, crawling on the ground.

Iguana on the rocks sneaks.

Iguana on the rocks.

Crawling crab.

Underwater survey: fish, algae, corals - different plans.

Sailing boat in the sea.

Dolphins in the sea - different plans.

Motor boat in the sea, she is accompanied by dolphins.

Greenpeace yacht at sea.

Whales in the sea - different plans.

People on the inflatable boat whale watching.

Helicopter over the snow-covered plains.

Panorama on Antarctic snow (helicopter).

Penguin in the snow.

Little Penguins with adult penguins in the nest.

Little Penguins go on the rocks - different plans.

Adult penguins swim in the sea.

Seal in the snow bank.

The seals on the beach - close-ups.

The helicopter lands on the deck of the ship.