Business Russia (1996)

Telecast №25588, 1 part, duration: 0:26:44

Reel №1 Information and analytical program "Business Russia" (RTR and RIA "News").

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Television studio.

Leading studio Elena Nefedov and Eugene Kochergin.

Scene release announcement.

"The meeting of the Cheka"


"Stock Market"

"Children and Work"

The story of the Russian alcohol market.

Stalls with vodka. "Russian vodka" on display, large.

Buyers have stalls.

A bottle of vodka (different brands).

Shop for packaging, packing vodka I box.

Conveyor with bottles of vodka.

The plot of the Pension Fund of Russia.


People on the street.

Bank tellers work.

Pensioner receives a pension.

Branch office of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation.

Press conference management.

Working professionals.

In the studio, Vladimir Medvedev, MP, President of the Russian Oil and Gas.

It's about making the budget-97, the interaction of government and parliamentary elections;

division of property in the oil industry (synchronously).

The plot of the air transportation market.

Airport runway.

Aircraft "Aeroflot", a lot of frames.

Sergey Il'ichev, Deputy Chief of the Air Service Agency of the Ministry of Civil Aviation,

- The reduction and consolidation of companies involved in air (synchronously).

Vnukovo aircraft.

The work of aircraft mechanics.

Sergey Komasko, managing director of airline "Vnukovo Airlines" -

the new Air Code (synchronously).

Fog, the planes are at the airport.

The plot of the Federal Commission for the Securities.


Many people on the street.


Saleswoman with a bag of money.

The Federal Commission for the Securities Market (FCSM), office.

Commission staff at work, a lot of frames.

Paper, computers and telephones.

Dmitry V. Vasilyev, chairman of the Federal Commission on Securities

- The state's control over the securities market; appointment of inspectors (synchronously).

Overview of World News with Michael Solntsev.

Story of Christmas.

Santa Claus gifts.

Procession of snowmen, Christmas trees.


Stretcher victim of a terrorist act.

Scurry around doctors.

Story about child labor in underdeveloped countries.

Southeast Asia, Africa.

Conveyor, children glue paper cones.

The policeman and the boys, the boy was crying.

Teens in construction, masonry brick wall.

Hauling bricks, carry heavy trucks.

Many frames.

Child prostitution.

Girls on the roadside.

Asian girl in elegant dress.

The plot of the World Trade Organization.


Hotel, go the conference.

Conference room, meeting.

The section, a round table.


Child labor, terrible poverty.

Boys and girls are made decorative string.

The plot of the dangerous Colombian teens earnings

Colombia, the Andes, the Central Mountain Range.


On the road going truck.

Colombian Teens clearing mountain road.

Trucks in traffic.

Teens go on makeshift carts - to transport people and cargo.

Truck hooked to the truck on a long rope.

Children traveling with her mother in a cart on the road, a lot of frames.

Stone the Virgin Carmen.

Cross and wreaths dead children "business."

The plot of the corporate celebrations of the New Year.


Work managers.

Natalya Trunova, a psychologist, management consultant,

of informal holiday cozies employees (synchronously).


Man in suit thumbs through the menu.

Soviet-type cafe.

Managers in suits are on the red carpet.

World Trade Center in Moscow (Krasnopresnenskaya Embankment).


Room with tables.

Natalya Trunova the benefits of corporate Christmas gifts (synchronously).

Corporate party.

Employees with champagne.



Medvedev V.S. -- statesman, oilman Komasjko S.V. -- economic activities Iljichev S.V. -- public servant Vasiljev D.V. -- public servant

Calendar: 1996

Locations: Moscow, New Zealand, India, Africa, Colombia


street, office, bank, TV station, distillery, hospital

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