Transformation. (1991)

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Movie №1 Transfiguration (Putsch of 1991)

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Government House.

People in front of the White House August 19, 1991.

The priest talks to people.

Tanks at the White House.

People at the church.

Cossacks in uniform.

Apples in the hand - close-up.

Moscow streets passing tanks.

Military equipment on the roads.

Equipment passes Kutafia tower.

Red Square, the Museum of History.


The soldiers on the bus.

The police and the military talks to people.

Soldiers in tanks and talking with a reporter, turning away from the camera.

Tanks at the White House.

People are trying to stop a tank.

The man lies on the road in front of a tank.

People get on a tank, trying to pull tanker through the hatch.

Yeltsin addresses in government (talking about anti-constitutional coup, the signing of the Union Treaty, the Emergency Committee), next - Ivan Silaev.

Khasbulatov the podium.

Trucks and military vehicles on the streets of Moscow.

People on the streets.

Tanks on Novy Arbat.

The White House, people are chanting "Shame!" Get on military equipment.

Tanker in the hatch of the tank, talking to a policeman.

People around the tank.

Yeltsin climbs on the tank, shakes hands tankers, talking to soldiers.

He performs with the tank.

The crowd chants, "Yeltsin"!

The crowd on the New Arbat.

Among the crowd was going construction machine, the people at the car.

People on Novy Arbat.

To the White House passes Khasbulatov, speaks to reporters.

Shevardnadze's press conference, talks to reporters.

From the balcony of the White House dropping leaflets.

People build barricades.

People get on the tanks.

Tanks on Tverskaya Street.

People, the soldiers on the street.

People give out the soldiers food.

The crowd in front of the City Council.

Tanker from the tank to announce the departure of the column.

People applauded.

The tanks are moving down the street.

Is a crowd.

Alexander Yakovlev interview (says the coup '91).

Night, the crowd on the street.

Riding tanks.

A man in a tank with the Russian flag.

People are chanting "Russia!"

Press conference of the Emergency Committee.

Interview Ivan Laptev (says the press conference coup).

Night, the area in front of the White House.

People bonfires, building barricades.

The crowd, soldiers, military equipment.

Interview with the commander.

Interview with police.

People at the White House.

A man reads the summary.


Radio Station White House - a panorama on the premises.

Broadcast in a radio studio, says Yuri Karjakin, Vladimir Molchanov in the studio.

Cabinet Ivan Silaev, Silaev talking to the press.

People sleep on the floor in the White House - a panorama of the hall.

Tanks of the White House, the soldiers.

The White House is Alexander Rutskoi surrounded by people and the press.

People at the White House - different plans.

The corridors of the White House, is Rutskoi, gives an interview.

Morning of the 20th of August.

Balloon in the sky.


Radio announcer read out the summary.

The corridors of the White House, Ivan Silaev.

Interview Ivan Silayev.

Panorama from the window - New Arbat, the crowd on the street.

Silaev on the phone Yeltsin.

Shevardnadze's office Yeltsin.

Interview Shevardnadze.

Hotel "Ukraine", the crowd on the street, the ambulance. "

Valentin Sergeyev in the crowd read an appeal to Lukyanov.

Sergeev the press.

Silaev Khasbulatov, Rutskoi out of the White House.

People applauded.

Silaev refers to the defenders of the White House.

People make barricades, to produce cars with the government.

People, military equipment and soldiers to the White House - different plans.

Gavriil Popov speaks from the balcony of City Council.

The crowd in front of the city hall, listening, applauding.

The White House, people, barricades, vehicles - different plans.

Interview tanker, soldier.

Rally, the speakers on the balcony of the White House.

People barricades.

Man calls the military forces and gone over to the Supreme Council.

Interview Vladimir Seleznev (the White House).

Evening of the 20th of August.

The area in front of the White House - different plans.

Assembly of the Russian Federation.

Hall, deputies in the hall - different plans.

Acts Konstantin Kobets.

The corridors of the White House.

Headquarters Kobets headquarters.

The work of staff.

The priest holds the sacrament.

Interview Dmitry Rosnina.

Soldier with a gun sitting on a chair.

Night, the crowd on the street - different plans.

Automatic fire, stampede, cries.

Photos: shots wounded.

21th, day.

Trolley with broken windows.

Flowers, candles on the pavement.

Are the people, rain.

Travel on the road along the tank column.

Key words



B.N. Eljcin -- state and political figure
A.V. Ruckoj -- state and political figure
R.I. Hasbulatov -- state and political figure
E.A. Shevardnadze -- state and political figure
I.S. Silaev -- state and political figure
G.H. Popov -- state and political figure
Yu.F, Karyakin -- writer, journalist, social activist




Moscow, Russia

Wars, conflicts and disasters; Domestic policy