The corridors of the Federal Assembly of Russia. (1996 - 1997)

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Scene №1 The corridors of the Federal Assembly of Russia

Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov passes.

MPs pass - different plans.

I.Shandybin, A.Volsky, Primakov, S.Govoruhin and other members on the sidelines of the Grand Kremlin Palace.

A.Livshitsa interview.

Correspondents in the lobby watching TV speech Boris Yeltsin.

Participants of the meeting down the stairs - different plans.

In the group of Deputies passes Primakov.

Remove the body and photographers.

Gaidar told reporters.

Passes, greets with members Anatoly Lukyanov.

A.Galazov, V.Bryntsalov of Deputies.

Alexander Shokhin, E.Yasin told reporters.

Alexander Shokhin interview.

Zyuganov speaks with the deputy.

Passes, answers questions A.Korzhakov.

With journalists and talk V.Bryntsalov Lukin.

Zyuganov interview (talks about Boris Yeltsin's health).

The People's Deputies in the sidelines of the congress - different plans.

A.Volskogo interview.

The Kremlin wall, Spasskaya Tower.


Zyuganov G.A. Lukin V.P. Voljskij A. Primakov E.M. Shohin A.N. Yasin E.G. Brincalov V.A. Lukjyanov A.I. Gajdar E. Galazov A. Korzhakov A. Govoruhin S. Shandibin I.




Moscow [820]

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