Special Forces doctrine (1994)

Footage №25895, 1 footage, duration: 1:47:42
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized

Scene №1 Special Forces doctrine

Special Forces soldiers are preparing to cross - different plans.

Soldiers crossing the river - different plans.

Soldiers show commanders outfit.

Soldiers with knapsacks cross the river, pulling out things on the beach.

Soldiers unpack knapsacks, change into dry clothes.

Soldiers pack knapsacks, take out the banks with canned food.

Bonfire, soldiers in camp lunch.


The soldiers on the banks of a rest.

Faces of the soldiers.

Soldiers check, clean weapons - different plans.

Lies uniforms.

Is a group of officers.

Crossing the river Russian and Jordanian soldiers.

Spending the night in the woods - the soldiers are sitting around the campfire, a kettle on the fire.

Panorama of the field.

A group of soldiers pass through the forest.

Soldiers measure the diameter pipes set the explosives.

Pass, built by soldiers.

Soldiers with guns running out of the woods, take positions for shooting.

Built, with the commander of the paratroopers greet.

The commander gives the task to the soldiers.

Soldiers laid trinitrotoluene block; prepare charges - different plans.

Exercises to "capture the enemy" - "explosion" of the charge on the road, the soldiers stopped the truck, are "prisoners".

Paratroopers in the ranks.

Soldiers prepare for the task "to seize the truck", hiding in the bush.

"The seizure of the truck."

Soldiers in camouflage uniforms on the road.

The soldier, dressed as an old woman walking along the road.

"The seizure of the truck."

Soldiers in an ambush.

A group of soldiers running through a meadow, take a stand for the shooting.

A group of soldiers is sent to the woods.

Soldiers shoot, pass through the meadow.

Soldiers fired rocket-propelled grenades, automatic rifles - different plans.

Stand with the words "Shooting the military unit" 5-4607 ".

A group of soldiers pass through a meadow, hidden in the forest.

Legs walking soldiers.

A group of soldiers with machine guns and grenade launchers is on the edge of the forest.

Servicemen soldiers explain plan during the exercise.

Listen to the soldiers - different plans.

Calendar: Summer 1994-1995

Locations: Russia [1]

Seasons: Summer [824] Day [828] Night [830] Sunny [831] Cloudy [832]

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