Congress of the All-Russian movement to support Boris Yeltsin. (1996)

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Scene №1 Congress of the All-Russian movement to support Boris Yeltsin

Delegates to the Congress-Russian movement of public support for Boris Yeltsin in the margins.

Yeltsin goes accompanied by First Lady, S.A.Filatova, Luzhkov and other officials.

Remove cameramen, photographers.

Boris Yeltsin, S.Filatov, Luzhkov and others see a photo exhibition on the election campaign of Boris Yeltsin.

Members of the Congress on the sidelines - different plans.

The delegates in the hall before the start of the congress - different plans.

In the hall in a wheelchair sits N.Ozerov.

Congress Hall, the delegates before the meeting: pass, sit, talk - different plans.

Among the delegates B.Brunov, E.B.Mizulina E.Bystritskaya, P.Todorovsky, R.A.Bykov, A.I.Volsky, D.Davitashvili, O.I.Lobov, V.Ryzhkov, Ivanov, G.Volchek, N.Petrov, D.Davitashvili, G.Zhzhenov, Sh.

Tarpischev,, representatives of the Cossacks, political and public figures.

Yeltsin goes around the room, greeting the delegates of the congress, the congress participants applauded.

Yeltsin greets N.S.Mihalkovym, A.Volskim, greeting, kissing G.Zhzhenovym.

Boris Yeltsin woman presents a bouquet of flowers, the representative of the Cossacks gives Boris Yeltsin book.

Yeltsin greets Juneau Davitashvili M.A.Zaharovym etc.

Boris Yeltsin, S.Filatov the podium.

Standing applauding members of the Congress.

S.Filatov acts, Congress declares open.

Delegates listen to the Russian national anthem while standing.

Yeltsin stands.

Listening delegates, among them A.Livshits, D.Davitashvili, G.Zhzhenov, V.I.Lysenko, Nikita Mikhalkov, B.Brunov, E.Bystritskaya, AAIvanov, P.Todorovsky, V.Ryzhkov, E .

Mizulina, M.Zaharov, Sh.

Tarpischev, A.Volsky, Yuri Luzhkov, O.Lobov.

Yeltsin ends his speech, members of the Congress applauded standing.

Acts G.V.Shmal - representative of the initiative group to collect signatures in the Tyumen region.

Listening to Boris Yeltsin.

Acts N.A.Pugin - confidant of Boris Yeltsin.

Listening delegates, Boris Yeltsin.

S.Filatov says further regulation of the congress.

From the podium stands N.S.Mihalkov.

Key words

Yeltsin's election campaign


Eljcin B.N.
Luzhkov Yu.M.
Filatov S.A.
Mihalkov N.S.
Brunov B.S.
Ozerov N.
Bistrickaya E.A.
Zhzhenov G.S.
Rizhkov V.A.
Mizulina E.B.
Bikov R.A.
Davitashvili D.
Volchek G.B.
Voljskij A.I.
Lobov O.I.
Yakovlev A.N.
Ivanov A.A.
Medvedev S.
Todorovskij P.
Zaharov M.A.
Shmalj G.V.
Pugin N.A.


April 1996



Domestic policy