Materials about Boris Yeltsin (1990-1992)

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Scene №1 Materials about Boris Yeltsin

1990-1991: Yeltsin is on the street.

A sign on the building, "the USSR State Committee for Construction."

Yeltsin comes into the building.

Yeltsin drinking tea at home in the kitchen with N.I.Eltsinoy and grandson Boris.

Yeltsin's interview in the kitchen on the restructuring ..

Yeltsin in the hallway going to work.

Yeltsin T.Dyachenko daughter and son Boris (Yeltsin's grandson).

Boris Yeltsin and correspondent A.Mamontov in the yard on 2nd Tverskaya.

Yeltsin sits in the car "Moskvich".

"Moskvich" passes on Tverskaya Street in the Kremlin.

On the podium in front of the voters favor Yeltsin.

Yeltsin talks after a speech at the company.

Yeltsin spoke to students in the hall of the Moscow State University.

Stairs in the building of Moscow State University.

I.Polozkov the podium 28 Party Congress.

Yeltsin gives an interview on the sidelines of the Congress 28, the hall PDR.

Yeltsin's speech from the podium in the hall.

Yeltsin stands at 28 Congress of the CPSU.

Yeltsin passes on the street, gives interviews to foreign journalists (winter).

Yeltsin vote at the polling station.

Yeltsin's visit to Sverdlovsk: Boris Yeltsin, N.Eltsina, A.Korzhakov and others down the ladder of Tu-134 A; greet met., Gives an interview, speaking in the hall.

Yeltsin meeting in Sverdlovsk administration, there is E. Rossel.

Yeltsin visited industrial enterprises of Sverdlovsk, grocery store.

Yeltsin addresses the public of the city.

Yeltsin down the ramp in Kemerovo, greets O.Tuleevym and others, sits in the car.

Yeltsin visited the apartment of miners, grocery stores, passes on the street, talking to people, plants a tree.

Yeltsin at the grocery store, Kemerovo region.

Boris Yeltsin and O.Tuleev on the observation deck.

Yeltsin planting a tree.

Yeltsin visits hospital, babies in cribs.

12.1992: Address by Boris Yeltsin at the meeting of the 7th Congress of People's Deputies.

Yeltsin's interview about the upcoming elections.

Yeltsin votes in presidential elections in Russia in June 1991.

Yeltsin talks to the veterans at the Gorky Gorky Park, lays a wreath at the Eternal Flame in the Alexander Garden on May 9.


Eljcin B.N. Eljcina N.I. Djyachenko T.B. Eljcin Boris -- Yeltsin's grandson Tuleev O. Rosselj E. Korzhakov A.

Calendar: 1990-1992

Locations: Moscow [820] Yekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk) Kemerovo

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