Politicians. (1990 - 1997)

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Scene №1 Politicians

E.Yasin said.

05.1990: Flowers at the photo in the lobby of Sakharov Kinocentre the day of his 69th birthday.

Meeting in the hall, playing defender S.A.Kovalev, there I.Zaslavsky.

High-rise building on Krasnopresnenskaya.

A sign on the building: Cinema.

The movie "The Will."

I.Zaslavsky office.

At the meeting of MDG sit Yu.

Afanasev, Yeltsin, G. Popov.

MP I.Zaslavsky interviewed.

1997: Press Conference of Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior A.Kulikova, there I.Shabdurasulov.

1992: The meeting of the 7th Congress of People's Deputies of Russia, in the hall of Anatoly Chubais, Gaidar, V.Shumeyko, the presidium R.Hasbulatov.

B.Kurkova television reporter talks to S.Shahraem.

A.Rutskoy acts.

12.1990: Interview V.Ignatenko Shevardnadze's resignation from the post of Minister of Foreign Affairs.

1990: Mikhail Gorbachev Acts 28 Congress, in the hall of Eduard Shevardnadze, Yeltsin, A.Galazov, the presidium Ryzhkov, I.K.Polozkov, Anatoly Lukyanov.

Congress acts on President.

A.Sobchak asked from the audience.

On the podium stands E.K.Ligachev.

A.Sobchak asked from the audience.

1990: MPs registered in the table.


Deputies in the hall, including E.Lahova.

Meeting of the Congress of People's Deputies of Russia, Boris Yeltsin on the podium.

Orchestra performs the Russian national anthem.

Yeltsin stands.

Deputies in the hall.

R.Hasbulatov next to Boris Yeltsin on the podium.

Gorbachev sits alone on a balcony in the hall.

S. Baburin in the hall.

Gorbachev listens.

MPs on the sidelines.

Lounge in the Kremlin for the deputies.

Range of snacks.

I.S.Silaev the sidelines.

Hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace - shot from above.

Applaud deputies and Gorbachev in the lodge.

I.Polozkova interview on the sidelines.

1991: The third meeting of the Congress of People's Deputies.

Scoreboard vote.

Yeltsin stands.

S.Goryacheva acts.

MP E.Nazdratenko asked from the audience.

MPs act in the hall.

Anthem of Russia, there are deputies.

Yeltsin, I.Silaev communicate with deputies.

28/10/1991: Interview Gorbachev.

5th Congress of People's Deputies of Russia: Election R.Hasbulatova.

1990, 28 Congress of the Communist Party: Performances A.N.Yakovleva, E.Ligacheva, Shevardnadze Lebed asked from the audience, A.Sobchak in the hall.

Interview E.Ligacheva and V.Bakatina the sidelines.

Actor M. Ulyanov on the sidelines of the congress.

The deputy in the margins.

Interview economist S.S.Shatalina the sidelines.

14/12/1990: Primakov meeting with the American delegation.


Eljcin B.N.
Primakov E.M.
Silaev I.S.
Gorbachev M.S.
Nazdratenko E.
Goryacheva S. -- statesman
Shatalin S.S. -- scientist-economist
Lebedj A.
Sobchak A.
Hasbulatov R.I.
Bakatin V.
Ligachev E.K.
Shevardnadze E.A.
Yakovlev A.N.
Polozkov I.
Lahova E. -- statesman
Shabdurasulov I.
Kulikov A.
Popov G.H.
Zaslavskij I.
Afanasjev Yu.N.
Kovalev S.A. -- human rights activist
Yasin E.



Domestic policy