Sardinia (1995)

Footage №26319, 1 footage, duration: 1:14:50

Scene №1 Sardinia

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Panoramic shot from a helicopter: blue lagoon coast, on the banks of small boats and yachts, recreation, beaches, circled the island.



Yachting flags of various countries.

Exit yacht at sea.

Panorama view from the top of the coast.

CERVO hotel.

Urban landscape: the streets, the city, the buildings resting people.

Panorama view from aboard the ship: travel through the channels.

Holidaymakers on the beach.

Yachts, and ride water motorcycles, entertainment, fishing, sunbathing tourists.

Nudist beach - the general plan.

Travel along the island on a yacht: past his small boat harbor and shooting the residential part of the city near the coast.

Blue Water, City channels.

Mountain landscapes: trees - gardens, streams, waterfalls, nature.

Flora and Fauna: The turtle ponds, meadows horse.

Mountain sheep Nuraghe, stone ruins, like an abandoned house or place for the shepherds huts.

Grazing cows shepherd looks after them.

Cloud: panorama of the mountain ridges.

Mountain goats.

Panorama of the mountains.

A shepherd with his flock of sheep going along the main road on the locality.

Mountain ranges, the flora and fauna: acorns on the trees, walking in predlese elk, flamingo out of the water, take off.

Nuraghe, archaeological excavations.

City Orgozolo.


Entertainment: shooting with rifles and pistols in the air, festive presentation banquet.

Horse riders, costume, the national march.

Traditional dances in traditional dress Masquerade.

Parade along the street: Shooting from the top point.

Views from the sea on the coast, on the yacht.

Ethnographic Museum: National costumes, handicrafts, wood carvings.

Abandoned mountain village, the old houses, shacks, Nuraghe, coast, fort, ruins.

Sea, coast flamingos.

Archaeological excavations: the remains of the ancient city, arch, clones.

Panoramic shot from a helicopter: sport plane in the sky over the harbor and beaches.

Island of the cockpit.

Aboard boats: scuba diver in the sea, the coast, vacationers, beach.

City streets, Panorama tourist yacht.

Sport (fitness) center.

The hotel's interior.

Golf club.

Children in the pool.

Tourists sunbathe: women sunbathing topless.

Geese, beach, nudist beach.

Flocks of sheep milking process, the production of cheese, baked bread.

Embroider national pattern.


Holidays, costume presentation on the street.

Products made of coral.

Pottery, household items.

Landscapes of Sardinia.

Restaurant, people at the tables.

The street horseshoe.

Grazing horse.

Olive tree.

Flower market.

Landscapes taken from the passage.

Calendar: 1995

Locations: Sardinia (Italy)

Seasons: Summer [824]

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