Elimination of the consequences of man-caused and ecological disasters. (1992 - 1994)

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Scene №1 Ecology

Subject with exercises OPAS Beloyarsk NPP.

Central control room.

Ambulance brought to the hospital the victim (dummy).

Orderlies in gas masks render stretcher from the ambulance to travel to new victims.

Check out APC.

The work of nurses in masks.

Injured on stretchers - with a gauze bandage on his face.

Local gas stations in a gas mask with a gun.

Smoke from factory chimneys.

Machine pours out - disinfection.

Simulation of a gas leak - drill (fire TA), fire, firefighting work, fire foam from the tower.


Entrance APC, firefighting vehicles.

Soldiers check the level of radiation with special equipment.

Disinfect military equipment - from hoses spetsrastvorom process.

Measurement of radiation levels in the forest.

The overall plan Beloyarsk nuclear power Kurchatov.

Checkpoint - entry vehicle.

Children playing in medieval games - fighting each other with swords, dressed in armor.

On the hill is a fake castle.

Boy playing the flute

Plant samples, analysis of water for maximum allowable number of impurities, sensors, tubes, devices, laboratory specialists work.

"Sick" forest, dead wood, dry trees, the land on which only grows mold.

The dried bark of dead trees.

Astrakhan: the general plan of the plant

Protruding pipe fumes.

Specialists take a sample from the ground.

Pipe, lit torches.

Newsreel: piles of garbage on the road to Elbrus, the dump.

Hotel "Shelter 11" at an altitude of 4200 meters above sea level.

A man walks down the cans, hotel amid cans.

Panorama of the mountains.

White cap peaks, the dirty slope in.

People collect cans in landfills.

Empty the Semipalatinsk test site: wires, cables scorched earth concreted shaft.

Geiger counter in the hands of the scientist - radiation monitoring.

Lake (crater), view from the shore steppe on the lake.

Near post with the inscription: travel to funnel prohibited.


Drain the dirty water out of the pipe in a mountain lake.

Pripyat River.

Panorama of the lake in the mountains.

Winter mountain cabin in the mountains.

The Geiger counter is positioned on the Russian stove in the old farmhouse, measure radiation levels in the cat.

Village courtyard, dry lake and trees.

Pass two old ladies.

An elderly woman with an armful of hay, measuring radiation levels: a very high level.

The Chernobyl nuclear power plant after the tragedy: dry land, view from the station to the APC.

Work in military special protective masks: Set pointer.

Index - Fixed centralized repository.

Entrance to the village - the index Buryakovka.

A pointer to the prohibition of entry.

Mountain of garbage and scrap metal.

Specialists in masks were measured radiation.

Among the collection: new baby carriages, toys, Christmas decorations, ambulances.

The Chernobyl nuclear power plant, the panorama of the dead, a ghost town of Pripyat.

New in Pripyat.

Signs: Comrades Pripyat city enter a special mode only with a pass .....

Dump old cars

Ring: a stream of cars, dead trees along the road.

Dump broken cars.




Sverdlovsk region
Chernobyl, Pripyat



Ecology; Health; Disasters