Missile Crisis. (1962)

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Scene №1 Missile Crisis

Space photos of ballistic missiles deployed by the Soviet military in Cuba, the U.S. military arsenal.

National holiday in the United States: sports parade.

Kennedy family - Jacqueline, John, and their daughter.

In America, all the institutions to check the availability of bomb shelters.

Collection of dry rations in case of nuclear war.

Motion picture time "cooperation" of Cuba and the United States.

1962 In Cuba, destroying all the American characters.

1959: Crowds greeted Castro Cubans after the fall of the Batista regime, celebrate victory.

Meeting Fidel Castro and Nikita Khrushchev.

A. Mikoyan Cuba.

Soviet ships off the coast of Cuba - shooting from a helicopter.

American experts examined imagery reconnaissance aircraft.

U.S. military base - preparing for military action.

Tent the Red Cross.

Ship sails.

The game of baseball at the stadium.

USA, Los Angeles casino entertainment.

John F. Kennedy climbs the ladder into the aircraft.

Conversation John F. Kennedy and Andrei Gromyko.

Speech by John F. Kennedy after the discovery of Soviet missiles in Cuba.

Panic among the population.

The people buying products - empty shelves in American stores.

Kennedy speech, the panic, the UN Zorin.

Speech McNamara, U.S. missiles staff officers.

Soviet ship, the performance of Fidel Castro in Cuba teaching.


Military airfield in the United States.

Planes in the sky.

The landing of American troops.

London, Paris.

American pilots.

Speech by Nikita Khrushchev.

John F. Kennedy in the American military airfield.

This John F. Kennedy.


Kennedi D.
Kennedi Zh.
Kastro F.
Hruschev N.S.
Mikoyan A.I.
Gromiko A.A.



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