Newsreel, 1963 (1963)

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Scene №1 Newsreel, 1963

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Newsreel "By Don and Kuban" № 21/1963 H:

The meeting at the place of death of the Cossack connection under the command of M. Krivoshlykov Podtelkova and jumping to the Bolsheviks.



Before: AA Podtelkova sister Krivoshlykov, SI Kudinov and others.

Inspector-organizer Matveyev Kurgan Production Department of the Rostov region VE Lityuk working.

Rostov region.

Cuban peasants receive tractor driving skills and learn other agricultural occupations under the supervision of the area.

Krasnodar factory of electrical appliances.

Control resistance.

The inventors of the device to measure the resistance in the laboratory.

Rostov Hippodrome.

All-Union test horses Budenovsky, Don, the breed.




The match between the football teams of Rostov-on-Don and the Brazilian club's "Flamenco" from Rio de Janeiro.

Newsreel "By Don and Kuban" № 1/1963

Awarding of the Rostov region challenge Red Banner and the First Prize for achievements in the harvest of grain.

Repair of agricultural machinery in Myasnikovsky branch "Agriculture".

Opening movement of electric trains in the Rostov-Lehigh.

School children on an excursion at the Taganrog factory "Red boilermaker." Manufacturing Practice School at the factory.

Production processes at the Krasnodar whiteware factory.

Christmas tree for children of employees of the plant "Rostselmash".

Newsreel "By Don and Kuban" № 44/1963 g

Construction of drainage channel at Novocherkassk HPP. Construction of power plant.

Manufacturing chipboard Absheron woodworking plant.

Production processes at the Krasnodar vitamin factory.

Highway Construction in the Rostov region.

Performances of amateur musical string ensemble.

Newsreel "Soviet Ural" № 28/1963 H:

Staying in Moscow of advanced milkmaids Sverdlovsk region.

Sightseeing in Moscow, visiting the Exhibition of Economic Achievements, meeting with Soviet cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova.

Brigade steelworkers AA Korchagina, Ushakov, A. Knyazev, VM Kozlov at work in the open-hearth furnaces at the Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Combine.

The spill began.

Installers-altitude mount Votkinsk hydroelectric power line.

Extraction of peat Peat "Borovoe" Tyumen region.

With specialized machines.

Mechanized harvesting of hay for the winter at the farm "Mommy" Beloyarsky production management Sverdlovsk region.

Competitions school Sverdlovsk region on tourist mastery: overcoming obstacles, provision of care, "victim", cooking.

Residents of Izhevsk rest on Sunday in the country: on the bank of the river, in the woods, play volleyball.

Newsreel "Soviet Ural" № 31/1963 H:

Melting metal in the shop Nizhnetagilskogo oxygen-converter complex.

Construction of houses in a street of the city of Chelyabinsk.

Settlers moving into a new apartment.

Bashkiria, Kumertau.

Coal mining in the open pit coal mine.

Dredger MP Surkov working on a rotary excavator.

Locomotive driver MI Zhilnikov leads train with coal.

Employees Udmurt experimental agricultural station on the field inspecting crops, harvesting grain.

Extinguishing special foam at the test site of the Sverdlovsk control of fire protection.

The city of Chelyabinsk.

Shoppers at the new store "Uralochka" buy clothes.

Football match at the USSR championship in Chelyabinsk.

Play football teams of Chelyabinsk and Lviv.

Points a game.

Newsreel "Soviet Ural" № 13/1963 H:

Assembly, test turbines in the shop turboremontnogo Ural plant.

Preparation for planting on the farm "homeland" of the Perm region: removal of peat on the field, check the seeds for germination.

Harvesting cucumbers in greenhouses ovoschesovhoza Sverdlovsk.

Honored Scientist, neurosurgeon neurosurgery clinic Sverdlovsk DS Schafer X-ray scans, performs surgery.

Critical report about Kurgan aerated non-complying obligations producing building materials for residential construction Tselinnik Zauralye.

View of factory shop.


Kindergarten MG Rezyapova works with children.

Former kindergarten SA Patahutdinov with his wife Leah Konstantinovnoj meeting with MG Rezyapovoy, for 30 years, bringing up children.

The final competition of the 5th Winter Games of the All Skating in Chelyabinsk.

Playing skaters; Stenin B., L. Skoblikova, T. Rylova, V. Stenina and others.

Calendar: 1963

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