The first flight of "Buran". (1988)

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Scene №1 The first flight of "Buran"

A documentary film about the first flight of the spacecraft "Buran".

Baikonur Cosmodrome.

Flight design field tests.

Missile "Buran" at the start.

Bunker launch control center and dressing

working professionals.

Assembly housing.

Assembling a reusable space transportation system (space shuttle):

space shuttle "Buran" and the carrier rocket "Energy" (many shots).

Rocket launcher.

Mission Control.

Live a reporter, it sounds a comment from the scene.


Plane optical-television monitoring Mi-25.

The room and the computers of the master designer

orbiter "Buran".

Mi-25 aircraft up in the air.

Displayed on the screen the technical parameters.

The launch "Energy".

View from a camera mounted on board the "Buran": clouds.

Specialists observe the data on monitors.

Comment on the separation of the orbiter from launcher.

Applause in the hall.

The computers are specialists.

On the band go yellow machines: the ship facilities.


Airfield Baikonur.

In the air, the Tu-154 (orbiter simulator) and MiG-25.

Cockpit aircraft Tu-154.

Test pilots at the controls Riantas Stankevicius and Mohammed Tolboyev.

Tu-154 sits.

Interview with Stankevicius, and the Urals Tolboevym Sultanov (synchronously).

On the monitor, the display board with "Buran".

Image from the camera on board the MiG-25.

In the frame orbiter "Buran", decreased over the strip, sits down.

Braking parachutes are shot, stop.

Mission Control.

Experts applaud.

On the runway leading developer of Space Shuttle "Buran"

Gleb E. Lozino-Lozinski, ministers, military, designers and engineers.

Laugh, congratulate each other.

Interview with JP Semenov and B. Gubanov, Chief Designer (synchronously).


Riantas Stankyavichyus -- test pilot
Magomet Tolboev -- test pilot
Ural Sultanov -- test pilot
Lozino-Lozinskij G.E. -- designer
Semenov Yu.P. -- designer
Gubanov B.I. -- designer


November 15, 1988




Baikonur Cosmodrome

Industry; Space