Ural dragon. (2002)

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Producer Narodnoe kino

Director: Golovnya B.

Script writers: Golovanov J., Zobov E.

Operators: Negovskiy A.

Text writers: Lanovoy V.


On the outstanding designs, created under the guidance of Academician VP Makeev.

Movie №1 Ural dragon


Main square. V.P.Makeevu monument.

Moscow, Novodevichy Cemetery, the monument V.P.Makeevu.

Photos: Korolev, SP Korolev with I.Kurchatovym.

Washington, DC, 1953. The U.S. Congress.

Remarks by President Eisenhower.

Photos: Khrushchev, V.P.Makeev.

Tells V.P.Makeev, academician.

Tells V.R.Serov, deputy chief designer.

Kolomna, where he was born V.P.Makeev.

Family photos V.P.Makeeva.

Tells F.I.Novoselov, deputy chief of the Soviet Navy for shipbuilding and armament, Admiral.

Photo F.I.Novoselova and Chelomei.

Tells S.N.Hruschev son Nikita Khrushchev.

Panorama of sea rocket.

Tells L.N.Shapovalov, chief engineer.

In the office at V.P.Makeeva, meeting.

Work on the missile R-21.

North Sea test site, etc.

Nenoksa, Arkhangelsk Region, 1970. Preparation of R-21 for testing.

Launched an intercontinental missile R-21, created in KB Makeev.

Vladivostok, 1974. Meeting U.S. President Ford with Leonid Brezhnev.

The monument to the creators of the world's maritime intercontinental ballistic missile.

Chronicle launches.

Serves U.S. President Reagan.

Americans is launched cruiser.

Photo V.P.Makeev with the country's leadership.

Tells V.P.Makeev, academician.

Assembly R-39 solid-fuel rockets.

Work at KB Makeev on P-39. Tells V.F.Utkin, academician.

Installing missiles on submarines.

Tests F-39. Photos from the personal archives V.P.Makeeva.

Photo of the submarine "Ohio" with missiles "Trident-2."

Tells F.I.Novoselov, deputy chief of the Soviet Navy for shipbuilding and armament, Admiral.

Panorama of PCH-54 and its testing.

Installing missiles in a submarine.

Work in the control room of the submarine.

Preparing to launch a rocket.

Photos V.P.Makeeva.

Tells V.V.Voytsehovich, deputy technical director for testing.

Photos V.P.Makeeva.

Tells V.G.Degtyar, General Designer of SRC "KB them.

Academician V.P.Makeeva. "

Our time: berth submarines.

Installing missiles in a submarine.

Launches of intercontinental missiles.

§ Nenoksa, Arkhangelsk Region, 2001. Abandoned landfill