Overcoming. (2004)

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Producer Narodnoe kino

Director: G. Dmitrieva

Script writers: G. Dmitrieva

Operators: Soloviev S.

Anouncers: Kupchenko I.


On the amazing woman, pilot, test pilot, author of one hundred world aviation records Marina Popovich.

Movie №1 Overcoming

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Chkalovsk airfield.

Astronauts escorted off.

Photo test - pilots Mary Popovich.

The launch of the R-7 from the Baikonur Cosmodrome.

Kubinka airfield near Moscow.

The next flight test - pilots M.Popovich on the MiG-21. Flight MiG-21. Photo of Major - General Aviation, a distinguished pilot - test S.Deduh. M.Popovich goes aerodrome after the flight.

Photos of cadets flying club, including M.Popovich.

Photo: Voroshilov in his office.

1961. Tushino parade.

Speech test - pilots.

Female flight aerobatic team running A.Bodryaginoy.

L-29 "Dolphin", the first jet aircraft M.Popovich on which she set her first record.

Photo Designer L-29 Jan tops.

Prague. M.Popovich Ya.

Volchka invitation, came to experience the new aircraft "Super Aero." M.Popovich considers plane.

Tests' Super-Aero. " M.Popovich the desk.

Photos M.Popovich students. M.Popovich thesis.

M.Popovich says.

Rise MIG-21, which is controlled M.Popovich, his fall. M.Popovich evacuation of the aircraft.

Aircraft fire.

Photo M.Popovich parents.

Military chronicle of the Second World War.

At the table, running pilot M.M.Raskova.

Engels formed female night bomber regiment.

Aircraft, which flew pilots, were light plywood biplanes U-2, or "maize".

Footage of a military chronicle.

Our time.

Meeting women pilots of aviation.

Books published M.Popovich. M.Popovich working at the table. M.Popovich meeting with his readers.

Photo Zh.

Kokran American pilots who set the record to overcome the speed of sound.

In KB Yakovlev is the development and construction of high-YAK-25RV. Men's high-altitude pressure suit issued NGO "Star" under the direction of chief designer G.I.Severina.

In KB Severin designed and sewed a special female high-altitude pressure suit.

Tests of the female costume.

Classes and training M.Popovich.

Yak-25RV for takeoff site.

Flying and falling. M.Popovich landed the Yak-25RV. Photo M.Popovich the Yak-25RV. M.Popovich rewarding.

OK Antonov aircraft at the desk. M.Popovich proposed to test a new transport - military aircraft "Antey". M.Popovich considers plane.

Photos M.Popovich passing a medical examination.

The conversation between M.Popovich and ASTC. M.Popovich ready to fly to "Antee." Rise "Ante" and its mission. M.Popovich sets a new record.

At take-off platform to congratulate her and the successful test flight of the staff and the family.

M.Popovich says.

Photos from the family album M.Popovich.

Summer of 2004. Airport in Novosibirsk. M.Popovich invited to the anniversary of the Aero Club in Novosibirsk.